The most dangerous UK cities for burglary and car theft revealed: New research shows the top crime hotspots - do you live in on

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  • 13/10/2017
The most dangerous UK cities for burglary and car theft revealed: New research shows the top crime hotspots - do you live in on
New data has revealed which UK cities are most susceptible to home and vehicle crime.

Insurer Admiral identified the locations that have had the most victims of burglaries and car theft in the last two years after reviewing claims made against home and motor insurance policies.

It doesn't make great reading for Londoners, who, predictably, are most at risk. How does your city rank?

Analysis of 32 UK cities found that North West London, Central London, South West London and South East London residents have suffered the most at the hands of criminals of home and vehicle crime since 2015.

The capital's dominance taking the top four rankings in the crime hotspots will be painful reading for Londoners and explains why those living in the city have the highest premium prices by region in the country.

But it wasn't all doom and gloom for residents in the capital.

West London was identified as the location that made the second least claims against policies in the two-year period.

It was beaten by Belfast, which topped the chart as the safest city in the UK.

Admiral used a combination of four million policies over the last two years covering both home and motor insurance - and the figures for each cover type showed inconsistent results, suggesting some cities are being swarmed with criminal specifically targeting home break-ins and vehicle thefts.

In terms of car break-ins, those living in Belfast made the fewest claims, while Newcastle and Brighton were close behind with the least number of vehicle claims of thefts from cars and damage caused to vehicles.

The four London regions highlighted as crime hotspots also made up the most at-risk locations for this type of vehicle crime, though in different order.

Across all cities the most commonly broken into car was the VW Golf, followed by Vauxhall's Corsa and the UK's best-seller the Ford Fiesta.

Admiral said teachers, housewives and managers were the most common professions to raise a claim for a vehicle break-in.

In contrast, the standings for vehicle thefts - when the car was actually taken from the resident's home - showed a different order, with Liverpool recording the highest number of stolen motors.

Central London and Birmingham also ranked highly for vehicle theft.

On the flip side, Norwich topped the cities with the lowest number of reported motor thefts, followed by Newcastle and Belfast.

The insurer also highlighted that vehicle theft in South West London resulted in average payouts of 15,321 - that's more than 8.5 times the average claim in Sunderland of 1,781.

The most commonly stolen models were the Ford Fiesta, followed by Range Rover and Volkswagen Golf.

Londoners were the most targeted yet again for home burglaries while Belfast topped the list with the smallest number of home insurance claims in two years.

Admiral also listed the items most commonly stole in cases of home crime, with jewellery and watches, bicycles and cash topping the hit-list for criminals.

Head of claims at Admiral, Lorna Connelly, said the figures were mainly powered by the number of home insurance claims due to a reduction in vehicle thefts and break-ins thanks to improve security systems in modern vehicles.

'Relatively few of the claims we deal with are for car crime, and the improvement in car security has no doubt resulted in fewer thefts in recent years,' she said.

'Our data suggests burglaries are more of a problem than car crime in some cities, for example Southampton came eighth in our list of safest cities for cars being stolen, but was tenth worst for burglaries.

'Burglars will look for items that are easy to carry out of a house such as money, phones, laptops, jewellery; often the possessions that are the most valuable.'
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