Yes it's in the small print that they won't cover the 'enjoyment of a holiday'They also state that we used the hotel, and didnt need to change the flights.

I would like to get travel insurance on line?

Does home insurance covers the travel insurance policy?

Need health insurance for Visitor in US Los angeles. ?

Do I need to buy travel insurance for a trip within Germany? I have Medicare and a supplemental policy. (I'm covered for trip cancellation. )?

Does the Obama Humana/Medicaid Insurance cover trips over seas?

Do i have to pay for health insurance if i don't have a job and am leaving the country for 6 months?

When I went to America for 4 months in 2015 summer, I got travel insurance & medical insurance. I am going to NZ at the end of December so I need to understand.

I'm planning on traveling around Europe for a year and looking at cutting my monthly costs. ?

Travel Insurance Question. ?

While here she developed back problems and we wound up taking her to the ER and urgent care several times, with the assumption that insurance will cover all but the deductible.

Does anyone know of any travel insurance companies that would cover cosmetic surgery 4 months before you travel?

I haven’t had a chance to speak to her health insurance yet, but I need to travel over there to be with her in hospital. ;Is it common practice for insurance to cover accommodation costs for family that need to travel to be with someone injured and recovering from surgery?

If anything should happen to me when I'm down there, (kidnapping, murder ect) will I need a full life insurance policy to ensure my loved ones are left with something or will my travel insurance cover a payout?

we are taking our grand daughter on holiday with us so she needs insurance but each site I have tried has said she cannot be lead policy holder please advise;regards W V FOSTER

I know for a fact it s not easy to move to a different country, that I ll have to get travel insurance, health insurance, get a SNN number and things like that, on top of filling out a lot of paper work.

I am a UAE national, I need travel insurance for the visa to go tp switzerland. I have thiqa and daman, i dont know if it covers. I dont exactly know what it is.

Have a look at the following list of products and facilities and indicate whether they fall under the FSRA definition of a financial product. ; ; Home Loan ; Travel Insurance

; ; I’m going to move to London next year and I’m not expecting to get a credit card there since I don’t have an established credit history in the UK.

Is there a company that will insure people and cover them if they have an accident when they are over the limit? I know she will be drinking and I am concerned about her travel insurance.

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