so what if i were to give a few rides lyft and then decide i want to stop because i want to keep my policy will my policy be null or void? Then a week later i get a questionnaire from geico (my insurance) to answer questions if i use one of thevehicle on my policy for commercial use.

Where can I get cheap renters insurance?

If my personal insurance paid my medical bills do insurance of the accident have to still pay for those bills or are they free from them to?

My brand new car (well it was a 2006, but I only got it a month before and it was a gorgeous car) was totaled. I've always been the kind of person who believes everything happens for a reason, but I have no idea what the reason for this was.

Took out an adaptable life insurance 25yrs ago with Canada life all they are giving me back is £560 and ive paid in £12,000. ?

Is there a website or search engine not operated by an insurance company (or anyone else with an agenda) that can help me select the right plan? gov before and my phone was ringing off the hook for months with sales pitches from insurance telemarketers.

I recently had some one break into my truck and steal all my sound stuff like speakers and subwoofer as well as my laptop and a couple articles of jewlery, my deductable is 500 bucks, so my question is how do i file a claim, for instance my laptop was bought off craigslist, so i have no recpit , i do have some pics in my phone tho, and am not sure if they will cover my sound items in my car, also do i need to have auto insurance on my car to recive a claim, or does renters insurance take care of this.

If I buy my glasses out of pocket will I get a refund when my Insurance card finally arrives and I take it to the eye clinic? I already enrolled for Illinicare Health Insurance and now I just need to wait for my card in the mail.

I have to continue to pay my car insurance because I can't go without it, and now I can't find anything cheaper. I was told it was because a discount that I didn't qualify for had taken away.

My mom took my car for some stuff I did and she says the only way she'll give it back is if it gets signed over to my name and if I pay the entirety of my car insurance.

We are suppose to be covered as long as we are online on the app. Uber here in Toronto claims that all its drivers are covered by 2 million dollar ride sharing insurance from Intact Insurance.

Is it Florida law for a married couple to have the same insurance policy?

Everyone on the freeway was spinning out of control and someone basically preformed a pit maneuver on me and caused me to collide in the inevitable pileup in front of us.

I asked a similar questions about my dads car, but I understand why I can't because we live in the same houseBut If I'm chilling at my grandparents house and they run out of milk or something and my grandpa is too tired to go out, can I drive his car?

I know I'm being paranoid here because I don't know the situation, but I'm going to move into an apartment complex next month that doesn't have a great reputation.

Car not working for 3 months,cannot repair right now,would like to cancel policy for now, is that a problem? Policy premium paid till April. ?

whenever i drive my friends or family by their request, they always give me more than enough to cover the insurance, gas, wear and tear, etc so i've never had to ask.

I was far from any family or friends and the roads were wet/snowy/icy on different parts and it was freezing and raining outside. I just received a hefty $2500 bill in the mail for it and i am extremely anxious about it and what to do.

Will medi-cal cover my ride to the emergency room?

We agreed to pay, but if they go through insurance do we pay deductible AND repair? My daughter scratched our neighbors car with her bike.

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