Can I pay off the last month of my car insurrance and keep my first year no claims?

the receptionist at my employers office even encouraged insurance fraud, saying that if I ever WAS to get into an accident with a client in my car, I can lie and say it is a relative of mine, not a client!

A hit and run driver caused me neck pain, gas leak and dented front end. I have un insured motorist insurance but is it worth filing claim?

So what difference is it making if the windshield repair is $220 if I pay out of pocket or claim it through insurance if either way I m paying $220? Lets say I make a claim a week from now for a $1500 repair, will I only pay $280 and insurance covers rest?

If I already have my personal car insurance, am I still required to buy 'separate' insurance to work for Uber/Lyft?

we both realize at my age (under 25) and with the meager income i earn from work, insurance would be difficult to pay at this stage in my life. When i told her this, she suggested finding out if she can leave me her insurance policy.

Does anybody know how long it takes to add another car onto your insurance policy?

Why can't I find insurance without medical questions?

homeowner notified of dangerous tree including statement from tree expert that the tree appeared to be in danger of falling based on visual inspection from 10 feet away (not entering neighbor property to inspect tree).

My wife can,t drive she,s blind, but on my policy, can I be charged her being on the policy?

He's getting ready to move to another state and was on vacation during this past week, making plans in the area that he plans to move to. Our deductible is pretty low, and we were wondering if our home owners insurance will cover the items in his car, since he's been living with us?

What’s a great and affordable company to go through for Renters insurance?

Are auto insurance brokers able to immediately find out when you get a traffic ticket?

Life insurance lapsed, so no benefit?

Why do I need to buy a motor vehicle insurance policy?

With them being an insurance company, I’m told they will use lawyers who are experts in suing a responsible party (me) not only for the damage caused but also for full court costs and all other expenses which they will recover through a wages garnishment to ensure full payments and all expenses are paid.

What questions should I ask and what should I look for in a policy. I own a home in nycMy mom lives there n she has 24/7 care with private aides.

Hi, I was wondering if I could buy gap insurance separately since my current auto insurance doesn't provide it to used vehicles?

Will homeowner's insurance cover damage to a vehicle that got dented/scratched during a scuffle on your property?

If the responsible insurance company says they will rent you a car until the damaged car is fixed then when you go rent the car, they want to charge for insurance or if you use your own, you will still have to pay the deductible for any damage done to the car including any dings or scratches incurred so is this just another rip off or what?

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