I was treated as a new hire, so had to wait 90 days to sign for health insurance. I left a job for a temp position (more money) with hopes of transition to permanent, did not happen!

Who gets the life insurance policy when your uncle dies and the insurance company has contacted you as next of kin?

I have been under my dad s mass health forever but for some reason they cancelled me and said when youre 19 you have to enroll on your own, so we tried abd got denied and they wont really give us a straight answer on the phone and just transfer us over to other people over and over.

How much is the tax penalty for not having health insurance coverage?

If I am 18 and on my parents health insurance but I go to the doctors for somthing will they notify my oarents of the reason I went there. ?

loll Your kids end up being on ADD meds, and most the "Doctors" you end up with can't figure out whats wrong with you! Know what 0bamacare does, you end up paying 500 a month or more and your deductables are so high the Insurance companies are making out like BANDITS!

This means that I will pay in full alll bills until I reach 7500? 7500 deductible on a 200/month policy. Health Insuranc policy help. Help me?

Do you agree with Drumpf indifferent attitude with cutting 32 million americans off their Health Insurance?

Is it worth taking out i inurance for a holiday a duration of 10 days basically it covets you for medical while abroad? . ?

Are you only allowed to get health insurance during open enrollment or special enrollment time periods. ?

But since my wife needs to stay behind to take care of something before moving, all her doctors will be out of network after I take on the new job. Are there additional medical insurance plans that I can buy to take care of these areas for my wife?

and now I'm going to be fined for not having health insurance that I can't even enroll in because it's not open enrollment and you're looking at me like I can afford health insurance when I sleep on the floor in a room in a house that I rent because I can't even afford the cheapest apartment in my area.

Now I obviously went from medicaid to having to have to pay 600-800 a month for myself , which is about 7/8 of what I make per month so obviously, I can NOT afford it.

I thought that if you don t have insurance it just means if you go the doctor or the hospital you have to pay the full amount of what they(Doctor, Hospital) ask for?

The company will have less income from the policy than it will pay out when the policy owner passes away. Do they hope to keep selling new policies faster than the old policies are paid it?

I have opened up claims with my building insurance and contents insurance, however, I feel very hard done by having to fork out for something that wasn't my fault.

There was a small hail storm a few weeks ago and I ve had a contractor come out and he s saying I should get a new roof and siding(we have rotting wood on our siding).

Under pre-ACA rules, was the "pre-existing condition exclusion" a problem only when one had no recent coverage?

Why do you need to pay a deductible for car insurance, if your paying a monthly bill?

So with less jobs offering insurance and insurance getting more expensive I'm worried that like many other Americans who work a lot but still can't afford insurance, he's even shrinking government help.

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