We paid out of pocket with no insurance to pay for all of this but it seems that the infection has returned and there is a possibility that she will need to have surgery again but with a specialty surgeon.

Do I need to pay full cash visiting a clinic/doctor?

You see I’m looking for a affordable cheap Heath insurance to help me with my doctor visits but most big health insurance companies cost soo much a monthDoes anybody know what is the cheapest affordable helath insurance BUT yet good :(Also does any type of health insurance work for any doctors?

I need to go to the doctor, is their any health coverage i can get now? Im pregnant and i dont have any health insurance what do I do?

I can think of all kinds of problems that I could have if I let them inspect my home, and nothing good that can come from it. My homeowners insurance company sent me a letter saying that they want me to allow someone to inspect my home to see if it is adequately maintained.

I have car insurance with geico and would like a homeowners policy quote?

In USA, why can't a person self-insure for health insurance just like a person can self-insure for his or her car?

Can I buy new car insurrance and cancel the old insurance and read below :)?

the receptionist at my employers office even encouraged insurance fraud, saying that if I ever WAS to get into an accident with a client in my car, I can lie and say it is a relative of mine, not a client!

If you have insurance can you use a prescription discount card or do you have to pay the copay through your insurance?

If the city of Chula Vista wants to buy my property for a project do I have to have homeowners insurance?

With that being said, I have no time outside of school to have a job and my parents never pushed for me to get one as long as I was in school they said they would provide.

Why can't I find insurance without medical questions?

I want to my kick my 3 teenage kids off my insurance, it’s too expensive. How long before the individual mandate for healthcare ends? ?

However, when I was trying to get everything straightened out, I was informed by my doctor's office that they do not accept Medicaid. Today, I checked the mail and received a bill from them for $200, which should have been completely covered by my insurance.

What is the penalty, if not? Is medicade considered health insurance.

Would I only go by what it costs for me, or what it would cost for both of us ($390) to determine if it s affordable? The insurance my work offers would be $390 per month on the lowest plan for both of us, which is just an HSA and not real coverage.

So my friend is thinking of buying a new truck but his insurance is thru the roofHe's willing to give me the money and buy the truck myself and insure it myself at my parents house address and just let him drive it.

Insurance needs your permission to get you medical records so can't I just decline if they ask and since it is an orthopedic issue isn't it more believable that I just injured my shoulder?

Question is, can I be on my wife's insurance and sign up for one at my work and have an HSA all at the same time? If not, is there any way I could be dropped from her health plan so i can sign up for mine here at work?

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