The company will have less income from the policy than it will pay out when the policy owner passes away. Do they hope to keep selling new policies faster than the old policies are paid it?

I have opened up claims with my building insurance and contents insurance, however, I feel very hard done by having to fork out for something that wasn't my fault.

There was a small hail storm a few weeks ago and I ve had a contractor come out and he s saying I should get a new roof and siding(we have rotting wood on our siding).

Under pre-ACA rules, was the "pre-existing condition exclusion" a problem only when one had no recent coverage?

Why do you need to pay a deductible for car insurance, if your paying a monthly bill?

So with less jobs offering insurance and insurance getting more expensive I'm worried that like many other Americans who work a lot but still can't afford insurance, he's even shrinking government help.

I m applying for Medicare in November 2017, I have a birthday at the end of January and will be 65. Need health insurance. Suggestions?

Polticians understand growing mass population and complicated health care, answer is single payer? Hoping insurance companies will be fair?

Are those who have Obamacare going to lose their insurance?

Why to Trumpsters want Health Insurance that doesn't cover you if you get sick and need medical care?

They are saying I no longer have insurance and if I do, it s $1,083 month. I m on my retired husbands insurance. Can they do this? He died.

Isn't that like saying they want houses to be available to all citizens? The GOP wants Health Insurance to be available to all citizens.

Are Trumpanzees happy that their king is about to kick 20 MILLION Americans off of health care?

We are suppose to be covered as long as we are online on the app. Uber here in Toronto claims that all its drivers are covered by 2 million dollar ride sharing insurance from Intact Insurance.

Just tell say their wife "I have life insurance through work honey", and if he dies she calls the company up and tries to figure out what to do? I have no idea what to tell my beneficiaries (either now or through a will to be read after I pass).

citizens be fined if they do not purchase health insurance? SHOULD U. S.

Maybe a stupid question but Isn't insurance a rip off?

We had a baby last year and I am confused as to whether it would be better to leave it as is and add that if I die before my husband the money goes to our son, OR should I have my husband divide it equally among the three of us?

"If all people buy insurance then the cost will be much cheaper for all" It's great for elders and the illness who need the most care. The cost was cheaper and affordable for cancer patients but it wasn't fair when you force the healthy ones to purchase insurance?

Can I be forced to pay a medical bill if when being admitted my insurance was guaranteed by admitting persons?

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