This is causing many problems because for those 30 days her insurance is considered the primary due to a birthday rule (whoever's first), and causing me to still pay for bills despite reaching the max out of pocket on the policy to which I actually added him to.

Or is it better to keep the car parked up and pay the $650 car note per month until Nov 9th and pay the $348 per month until Nov 9th and pay the $75 it would cost to also insure the jeep while the Benz is parked?

A hit and run driver caused me neck pain, gas leak and dented front end. I have un insured motorist insurance but is it worth filing claim?

Do health premiums go up if an employees spouse gets large treatments for things such as cancer?

(I have a sister who goes through a different doctor and is having the same issue) I need an MRI because I might have brain cancer and keep having seizures, but no one will give me an MRI without insurance and no one is trying to help me, I have blue shield by the way, what can I do to fix this?

He has insurance through where he used to work and they are canceling his insurance because he no longer works for that company, so I called to get him the same as I have and I told the guy that he would be loosing his in the next 60 days.

So what difference is it making if the windshield repair is $220 if I pay out of pocket or claim it through insurance if either way I m paying $220? Lets say I make a claim a week from now for a $1500 repair, will I only pay $280 and insurance covers rest?

Health Ins Help?

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Cigna Healthcare · Cigna Connect 200-4SilverPlan type: EPOPlan ID: 99248TN0060014ORBlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee · Silver S04S, Network SSilverPPONational provider networkPlan ID: 14002TN0330240If you know the difference, would you advise me which one would be best?

I know I can just call again but I want to know what others say. I was told by his health insurance that they’ll cover it. He has a check up and is getting shots as well.

What life insurance company pays the most claims ?

I am having to get flood insurance due to my zone on my property. Can anyone recommend cheap flood insurance ?

Can your adult children take out a life insurance policy on you without you knowing?

So I have been shooting weddings as a small side gig and have not made much out of it but I am shooting a wedding this weekend where the venue requires that I have insurance.

What is the point in buying life insurance that builds cash value if the insurance company will take every dime through a "Surrender charge"?

If i pay my co-pay upfront will that avoid getting a bill in the mail?

How much of surgery cost will be covered by health insurance?

If I already have my personal car insurance, am I still required to buy 'separate' insurance to work for Uber/Lyft?

Is there any way to get all doctors banded together to get their lawyers to all go up against insurance companies and chemical companies?

I have a permanent long term disability policy and lost my job, will the policy still pay benefits to me if diabled?

Our lake home of 23 years was built on a lake lot, in a lake subdivision. 4 years ago our mortgage services hit us with a "forced placed" insurance separate from the regular mandatory one.

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