Under pre-ACA rules, was the "pre-existing condition exclusion" a problem only when one had no recent coverage?

If they thought that negotiations would end up at 50 since the demand may have been 90 they might have well just offered the policy limit of 50. Once they make an initial offer and indicate they are open to negotiations what can the lawyer expect as far as increments.

Do all three beneficiary's have to file at the same time on an insurance policy?

I found a life insurance policy paid up by my father that was taken out on me in 1947. How can I find out what the policy if worth today?

Credit and insurance for minors ?

I'm not going to give up my rights as a businessman, because your dad has cancer. How much of my rights do I owe your dad according to you ? How much of MY money, OR freedom do you want ?

Can I call the hospital to confirm that a health insurance company truly covers what they say they do? The paperwork is confusing?

I came across a life insurance policy in my uncles name, with the my aunt as the beneficiary. 20 years ago I took care of my aunt and uncle in every aspect.

Can a health insurance company refuse you a policy in NYS?

If I don't send it in, then what is it good for? Do I have to send in any proof of health coverage? Taxes- Health Coverage form 1095-B.

Also they say that for apple products the only thing they can accept as proof of ownership are Apple Store receipts. Despite of my 20k coverage, they will only pay up to 1000 for my jewelry items.

What are the general reasons an insurance company might start communication before receiving a demand letter. Please explain this unusual scenario whereby there was no demand letter.

My mom lives in Florida and I am moving to Seattle. Can I stay on her health insurance? I am 18.

What to do if we hit a fallen light pole on the highway?

Hospital didn't ask for insurance information during labor?

Also, how do they want to see this question answered (in order for me to get a favorable result): Is the person eligible for any other health insurance, whether privately paid for or publicly?

I did not get injured but I did go to the hospital due to left side body pain. They were also willing to pay my medical bills but seeing as though I m a Veteran they will not get any medical bills.

To have my delivery and maternity care covered, would I have to pay the 2k before the insurance kicks in, or does it cover it automaticly, without me having to pay anything?

When I called CPS energy to see what was going on I was informed that there was a part of my bill that wasn't paid in full. And because of this power was shut off while I was gone.

They covered the roof and sent me a $6000 check indicating the other half of the money would be paid upon completion of the repair. Can I keep this check and get the roof fixed on my own?

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