She bumped into my carSaid she didn't want insurance involvedMy mechanic said she would have to sign a documentShe found out it was going to be expensiveNow she called her insurance agentShe told me I would be getting a call from an adjusterIs she trying to get out of paying for some of it?

I am 18 and losing my health insurance, what do I do?

I asked her why nobody informed me of this beforehand because when I made my appointment I told them that I knew I was pregnant and already and wanted to start care.

Who gets the life insurance policy when your uncle dies and the insurance company has contacted you as next of kin?

I know there are a lot of factors that go into determining rates but I'm kind of clueless about this. Whenever I talk to the agency, they just say that it's the lowest they can get.

What is life insurance?

How does life insurance work?

but if my doctor were to change the medication say in the next day or so, it wouldn't matter because I bought the policy before the change in medication.

Can employees elect dental insurance at any time? Or is it only during open enrollment?

A few weeks ago my oven got too hot and the wires melted into each other causing them to touch, 10 feet sparks flew violently from behind my oven with myself and both my children right there in the kitchen.

How do I cash in a gulf life insurance policy bought in 1953 on my brother is has passed away 7-9-2017?

Is it legal to charge a health insurance company more than the out of pocket expense?

Do anyone has been asked by your home insurance , to remove your trampoline from your home?


Have a $5000 life insurance policy that says the Cash Value is 4,985. How can I get the money without dying? 00.

Will we still have to pay a penalty, if we don't have health insurance?

What's a deductible mean?

So now I have to call HR and have them contact United Health Care to cancel the insurance, and then have UHC send official documentation over to Medicaid so I can proceed to enroll in a Health Plan.

So, because of this, my wife and I have decided that we want to put that money into a savings account for a year rather than pay insurance, then for ever use that as insurance.

We have State Farm renters insurance and it looks like our refrigerator might be going out. Our ac has been out and we turn off window units while out during the day.

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