If i pay my co-pay upfront will that avoid getting a bill in the mail?

How much of surgery cost will be covered by health insurance?

If I already have my personal car insurance, am I still required to buy 'separate' insurance to work for Uber/Lyft?

Is there any way to get all doctors banded together to get their lawyers to all go up against insurance companies and chemical companies?

I have a permanent long term disability policy and lost my job, will the policy still pay benefits to me if diabled?

Our lake home of 23 years was built on a lake lot, in a lake subdivision. 4 years ago our mortgage services hit us with a "forced placed" insurance separate from the regular mandatory one.

we both realize at my age (under 25) and with the meager income i earn from work, insurance would be difficult to pay at this stage in my life. When i told her this, she suggested finding out if she can leave me her insurance policy.

Why am I bombarded with Medicare info? Do I need to change anything? I'll be turning 65 this year. I'm on SSI & Medicaid.

It's talking about bank and Walmart and Nestle employees, millions of Americans, who are covered by dead peasant insurance, they get up to or over a million dollars when one of their employees dies, especially young women, who are less likely to die, and they keep all this money, and give the families nothing, when for example, this one young woman, a Walmart employee was a cake decorator, worked there a few years, and the family had to pay a hundred thousand in medical fees, and six thousand for a funeral.

Does anybody know how long it takes to add another car onto your insurance policy?

I called all the billing departments and they said that I was "active and covered" when I was treated but once I lost insurance they back dated it to Jan 1st and left THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS of unpaid claims for everything from hospital visits, cardiologist appointments, primary care doctor appointments and much more.

Why can't I find insurance without medical questions?

I want to my kick my 3 teenage kids off my insurance, it’s too expensive. How long before the individual mandate for healthcare ends? ?

However, when I was trying to get everything straightened out, I was informed by my doctor's office that they do not accept Medicaid. Today, I checked the mail and received a bill from them for $200, which should have been completely covered by my insurance.

Also, I am worried that if I get officially diagnosed and if my health insurance finds out that I have this condition, my rates will go up. I was not in any sort of abnormal condition, and the monitor was a pretty high end one, so I know the reading is accurate.

Why don't you have health insurance?

homeowner notified of dangerous tree including statement from tree expert that the tree appeared to be in danger of falling based on visual inspection from 10 feet away (not entering neighbor property to inspect tree).

Their insurance sent a check for the full $2200 bill to the hospital. (It was a wellstar hospital, located in GA, the guy had State Farm, not sure if this info is relevant but figured I’d throw it out there)

My wife can,t drive she,s blind, but on my policy, can I be charged her being on the policy?

Would I only go by what it costs for me, or what it would cost for both of us ($390) to determine if it s affordable? The insurance my work offers would be $390 per month on the lowest plan for both of us, which is just an HSA and not real coverage.

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