I need to go to the doctor, is their any health coverage i can get now? Im pregnant and i dont have any health insurance what do I do?

And I also plan on having 2 children in the next 10 yrs (which btw my insurance covers 15 days after birth at $20000 per child until age 25)Now my agent tells me I can get $25000 of the $650000 in Whole life for $5 extra bucks a month.

Advice on insurance?

  • 16 hours ago
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Advice on insurance?

Can I claim damages caused by a visiting family member on my homeowners insurance?

My mother had a brain hemorrhage, she was left mentally incapacitated, she is long term care due to both her mental and physical incapacitate, during this time her home was vandalized and squatters moved in, they destroyed her home, I was unable to have the squatters removed for 7 months due to the legal system, the judge eventually had them removed.

He said because of something the trump administration did over the weekend that my insurance won't pay for the visit. I look it up, apparently, the administration froze payments to insurance companies due to a court ruling in New Mexico.

Is a lead inspection mandatory on a multi family house in order to obtain a homeowners insurance policy?

Blue Cross Blue Shield will not talk to me about it and told me to talk to my doctor but when I call my doctor he doesn't reply either what should I do?

What does missing medical necessary criteria mean? And can you appeal it?

How do i get the information that my dentist needs in order to bill my dental plan?

I have 3 Independent Contractor Providers working for me and they each have their own malpractice insurance coverage, do I still need to add them to my policy?

I got injured while I didn't have a job or health insurance. Does this have an effect on health coverage?

How much does the insurance company pay the home health agency per hr? If a home health nurse (lpn) makes $20hr.

I can think of all kinds of problems that I could have if I let them inspect my home, and nothing good that can come from it. My homeowners insurance company sent me a letter saying that they want me to allow someone to inspect my home to see if it is adequately maintained.

This is what her papers say about the plan: (attached picture)So basically, I have to pay 100% of my doctor fee's until the deductible is met? Just got health insurance for my daughter, very confused by all of this and wanted to reach out for a better understanding.

My father passed away 3 years ago we was never really close the last 3 years of his life he lived with me he was in his 80s when he died. He sold his House years ago I'm convinced somewhere there is my dads money I was his only son I have no idea how to track down any bank accounts or life-insurance policies.

Doctor will not give W-9 number to me or my insurance company. Insurance won t pay me with out it. What to do ? ?

Insurance cover?

  • 3 weeks ago
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Insurance cover?

In USA, why can't a person self-insure for health insurance just like a person can self-insure for his or her car?

She paid on it for about a year before deciding that it was to expensive and it was time to cancel. Calling on the phone to cancel the policy was confusing because it was one company doing the insurance through another company.

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