citizens be fined if they do not purchase health insurance? SHOULD U. S.

I'm 20 and about 8 months ago I had gotten a ticket for something I didn't do and finally went to court and was proven not guilty. I pay 375 for my car note a month and 250 for full coverage a month.

So after Obamacare is gutted and cast aside, the Insurance Executives will finally STOP raising rates like they have over the last 25 years?

Why are people so adamant on women paying equal rates for insurance despite having higher healthcare costs but not men with car insurance?

Do insurance companies believe in "bad luck"?

And then is some months I have to pay 50$ fees because of a change and they say it's only a one time thing but they keep doing the same thing to me. At first I was paying 87$ then it went up to 101$ and that was fine for me to pay but now it went up 153 then 200$.

But since obamacare made having health insurance mandatory, the demand for health insurance went up and on top of that, stable demand, since everyone is required to have health insurance.

Why, as 18-23 yr old high risk driver you, pay high car insurance BUT as low risk health insured you also pay high insurance rates?

If a customer buys insurance, how will the insurance company record it?

Where can I buy the cheapest policy only for Liability-coverage (which is required within my state)? I buy only the bare / rock-bottom policy because this usually the least expensive.

How much is Honda Shadow insurance for a 20 year old male in Canada?

Fema put my home as AE, but never flooded for over 30 years. Food insurance in NJ wants $2k for coverage. Anyway to get it much cheaper?

My parents are self-employed and so any additional income in our household goes towards theres and apparently due to the amount of money I made last year, it drove up our health insurance rates.

I m a 18 year old male will my ticket affect my parents s insurance rates the policies with Allstate I already paid the ticket its 20 overLt?

How much are the typical monthly payments for health insurance with the exchanges for a single male, 63, low income?

What are some reasons why charging young people a higher car insurance rate is unfair?

So i got my first ticket the other day , not paying attention doing 87 in a 65 , but the car is not in my name , and i m not on his insurance policy , he started bitching to me about how im going to raise his insurance 300$ a year or more now , but from what i have read and heard , since im not on his policy a moving violation wont effect his insurance.

It is discrimination when an insurance company gives a lower rate to policy holders who have a college degree over policy holders who don't?

The GOP cut 6 billion from our healthcare funding to bankrupt ACA, and just gave 17 billion to banks this week. Who do think they work for?

Is there any way for the insurance to be in like my mom s name and me be an "occasional driver" and then just pay my mom for the insurance? Im a 18 year old male, so insurance for me would be incredibly high since its a mustang.

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