first time and have heard a lot of story s of untrusted company. Wondering if anyone knew what a good company with car insurance? ?

Maybe a stupid question but Isn't insurance a rip off?

I'm 20 and about 8 months ago I had gotten a ticket for something I didn't do and finally went to court and was proven not guilty. I pay 375 for my car note a month and 250 for full coverage a month.

I logged into my Geico App and it said that my policy will be canceled at such and such date. I called and they said its because i didn't return a new policy questionnaire, which i was never aware of.

And then is some months I have to pay 50$ fees because of a change and they say it's only a one time thing but they keep doing the same thing to me. At first I was paying 87$ then it went up to 101$ and that was fine for me to pay but now it went up 153 then 200$.

) sending me letters in the mail every month about how they can save me HUNDREDS of dollars a year. I have literally dozens of auto insurance companies (Geico, AllState, Amica, State Farm, etc.

Which is a good website to get car and bike insurance online?

I need a lawyer in houston asap? ?

Do I still have a chance of getting a fine if the policy has the date of the ticket I got from no insurance? I didn't have insurance at the time but I told him that I have it but didn't have it on me.

I'm 18 about to be 19, how much would it be to insure my 1984 Camaro z28, expensive or?

I would like to know on what company is the best for whole life insurance and affordable each month?

Is Obamacare something you NEED if you already have preexisting health coverage? How does it work?

I was trying to switch to USAA, however they want my father to become a member and buy a small amount of property insurance for me to get auto insurance when he is very happy with his bank and service that he has with a bank out of NJ where he s stationed and has been with then for years (but USAA suppors miilitary and their families).

How much is a motorcycle insurance for an 18 year old?

I would like the personal property and liability coverage of renters insurance but i do not care to insure the building, as it is of low value. Of course it can be purchased but will it be honored by the insurance company?

My boyfriend has geico insurance and won't be able to pay the bill til 25th but the last day to pay is the 22nd. Will they drop him?

00;Another insurance broker offered me:;AIG;Home insurance and 2 million "excess liability" for a total of $728. ;Geico is offering me:;Non-owner auto and 1 million umbrella for around 780.

She emailed me back and said that she is waiting to hear back from the insurance company but thinks they will say that we have to fix the airbag to stay on risk.

Is there ANY way I can get free/affordable health insurance for my child even though my entire household makes over 80k a year? The plans I'm looking at are all far too expensive for me to afford because they take into account my parent's income and not just mine.

When we was trying to get homeowners insurance we found that his ex wife had left him on her policy and in 2013 made two insurance theft claims, one was of a large amount.

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