Anybody know a shorter word for misjudgment?

Me and my 2 brothers live with my dad and would be adversely affected financially with his passing. The problem is he has diabetes, and he might have cancer (Currently unconfirmed).

How soon can I apply if my birth year is 1951?

Does private Health Insurance cover pre existing contions . . ?

I've recently retired and won't put as many miles on vehicle. I notified agent and will get lower rate. Premium notice says odometer reading?

I'd like to note that state farm does not have a penalty for canceling a policy nor do you have to pay for the remainder of the year (just the time you have been covered)After contacting state farm again, they informed me that I will owe for the previous months that I was being under charged.

Is it worth taking out i inurance for a holiday a duration of 10 days basically it covets you for medical while abroad? . ?

How can I pay my medical bill with insurance?

We've been going to our dentist regularly for months and only now they informed us that my husband hasn't been covered by my insurance this year after already having the work done.

If I schedule an appointment to planned parenthood or my primary care gynecologist to get some STD testing done, will they see the insurance statement?

We are an American-French married couple living in Kansas looking for a health insurance. ?

Can a health insurance company deny a claim that was already approved?

I need the MOST AFFORDABLE SR-22 Insurance in the state of oregon for 2 and a half years. Any recommendations?

How can the department of health make health plan coverage for individuals and small businesses affordable?

I am covered through my spouse, will I lose that if my company offers insurance? We have Aetna insurance.

I was charged the network rate but the hospital never submitted the bill to insurance. When I asked the hospital what happened, they say they couldn't getbahold of the insurance company.

Started seeing a new therapist who was in-network according to my insurer's website (BCBS), but it turns out a different provider handles the mental health side of my insurance (Cigna).

Can you get a loan from life insurancn?

Can my insurance cover my medical marijuana card in Las Vegas NV?

If I have insurance where I work and I start drawing my social security at full retirement age, will my employer drop my insurance. ?

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