With Jan 1st approaching, the person who replaced her and I are working on the new insurance rates and I noticed the employee did not have his new addition added onto his plan.

Why do old people often drive very slow?

Yesterday he applied online for health insurance and was accepted, but still needs to pay the first fee so he can get his cards in the mail. By the end of the year he will have made just over 20,000 dollars so it will be his first time filing his taxes.

Instead of introducing a law where all citizens must have some form of health insurance--introduce a law the puts a cap on how much these facilities charge and quit exploiting patients as cash cows!

If medigap policies only cover medicare approved services, and medicare pays for those, then why do we need medigap?

Does insurance company want to lose me?

Is the Medicare included w/SSI app or do I do it separately? My aunt is under 65 and diagnosed with an aggressive cancer.

$100/month for health insurance (dental + vision) worth it for a healthy 28 year old?

Am I expected to pay what it says under "Employee" as well as what is under "Payday Withholding" or is "Employee" what I'm paying in total for the whole month?

What Should A Good Health Insurance Policy Have?

Put wrong income for my health insurance application? . ?

can you help me find a good health coverage for me? I need affordable health dental insurance for my son.

Looking for people that had a claim canceled for no or false reasons. Does anyone have MetLife as a Long Term Disability Insurance provider? ?


Can I sign up my children only or do I also have to sign up? My employer offers health ins with no employer contribution. We are in Kansas. ?

Does having health insurance (or not) have any effect on how long you live?

I got back the results stating that she is actually too low income and that based on the low income, she could qualify for Medicaid but that state of Texas has decided not to offer that at this time because it's only for the disabled or pregnant women.

Why is insurance calling about no payment?

I guess I am looking for someone to dumb down how the process works so I can understand and not do anything I shouldnt. Do I have to do all of the repairs with a professional or can I do them myself?

My renter burned their kitchen, fire marshall said not safe to breathe the fumes. Am I liable to pay their expenses somewhere else? Wa State?

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