I am a UAE national, I need travel insurance for the visa to go tp switzerland. I have thiqa and daman, i dont know if it covers. I dont exactly know what it is.

Have a look at the following list of products and facilities and indicate whether they fall under the FSRA definition of a financial product. ; ; Home Loan ; Travel Insurance

; ; I’m going to move to London next year and I’m not expecting to get a credit card there since I don’t have an established credit history in the UK.

Is there a company that will insure people and cover them if they have an accident when they are over the limit? I know she will be drinking and I am concerned about her travel insurance.

I heard about Columbus travel insurance but not sure if they are a good company to buy from? I am thinking of getting travel insurance for my vacation.

I am wanting to travel overseas to join my wife but wondered if something happened to my family (in the future) and I need money fast to travel back is there some kind of insurance I could take out before I leave?

I have looked on the compare sites and have had some come up for £6's however I do not know whether to trust them as I do not know whether they are legitimate.

We are searching for a travel insurance which will insure those and pay a good amount in case a suitcase gets lost or things get damaged. We are moving from the USA to the United Arab Emirates and my husband will be flying with 10 suitcases.

I'm a UK resident but currently living in Australia and need to take out travel insurance as I'm going on hilday to Fiji! Can anyone recommend a company who do worldwide travel insurance as the Australian companies won't cover me, thanks

I was wondering if u know any travel insurance that's at the same time cheap and will cover a 6 months period. I live in Mauritius and I'm flying to london by the end of the month for 6 months.

I have the enough money and everything but I just lack these travel insurance that is required with Schengen Visa. ;Schengen Visa requires 30k eur travelling insurance so do you know as well how to get a travelling insurance?

I asked what the flight insurance I purchase covered, and he said to call the insurance company, but said he didnt know the number and name, so I dont know who to contact about this, and I think he should have explained a little bit more.

Someone told me the US insurance is strange cos you can get sued for an accident and end up paying thousands of dollars out to the person you hit. But then there are all the insurances:;Loss Damage Waiver (LDW);Supplemental Liability Insurance (SLI);Personal Accident and Effects (PAE);What do I actually need to have as they are really expensive!

Touch wood I have never had to me but it confuses me why my travel insurance document does not include the international dial or an 'emergency contact' number.

Im going to Egypt in june with my husband and two sons,We need to get travel insurance but when i get quotes on line the prices vary from 15 pounds to 100 or more.

I'm booking a flight with Easyjet from Dortmund to Luton. is the travel insurance they offer me necessary? or just a waste of money? .

I booked a ticket on trainline and got the £1 columbus insurance thing they offer you, so if I cancel my ticket will I get a full refund? because I know they charge a £10 cancellation fee, but I thought it'd be different with the insurance.

I am booking my own flights and hotels but wondered if the airline can insist that we have some sort of travel insurance in place for us to fly?

my health insurance card has expired and i fly tomorrow? and will my insurance company cover me still? if i get ill will they still treat me? is this card important?

I can't buy from Indian insurers (as I am not in India) nor I can buy any from here (as I not a permanent resident here). I am working in UK (for past 3 months) and am planning a holiday in Canada.

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