Only way to have insurance cover for pizza job is to get commerical policy, not personal insurance so why bother required a proof of insurance? Personal insurance don't cover any accident when deliver a pizza because personal insurance is not commerical.

I live in Georgia and the hurricane Irma came through our town, wind was pretty strong and it blew our shade out of our back yard and it landed in our neighbors driveway.

Is "Obamacare" good or bad?

I mean what's the difference between him/her getting me some specialized license vs me getting my own commercial license from somewhere like progressive or Geico?

I know there are a lot of factors that go into determining rates but I'm kind of clueless about this. Whenever I talk to the agency, they just say that it's the lowest they can get.

Can me and my friend be on the same car insurance policy? we're both 17. ?

A few weeks ago my oven got too hot and the wires melted into each other causing them to touch, 10 feet sparks flew violently from behind my oven with myself and both my children right there in the kitchen.

Health Insurance?

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Health Insurance?

If you sign someone up for car Insurance in NJ do they have right to keep you on the policy?

So get this I have homeowners insurance and they just sent this letter saying I was credited $124 and changes were made. I called up my agent and he said they ran my credit and lowered it.

I need the MOST AFFORDABLE SR-22 Insurance in the state of oregon for 2 and a half years. Any recommendations?

so what if i were to give a few rides lyft and then decide i want to stop because i want to keep my policy will my policy be null or void? Then a week later i get a questionnaire from geico (my insurance) to answer questions if i use one of thevehicle on my policy for commercial use.

Can I pay my insurance 1 day after the due date and be alright?

If my personal insurance paid my medical bills do insurance of the accident have to still pay for those bills or are they free from them to?

I was going to add another vehicle on my insurance policy but my company says since it would be the third car on the policy I needed to add an extra person on the policy.

Can i add my son and daughter in law to my insurance policy if they are living abroad?

Can I still have surgery through the hospital if they set me up on a payment plan and I can then send the bills to my insurance when I get it shortly after?

What type of insurance should I get if I am 65 and is till working?

I recently had some one break into my truck and steal all my sound stuff like speakers and subwoofer as well as my laptop and a couple articles of jewlery, my deductable is 500 bucks, so my question is how do i file a claim, for instance my laptop was bought off craigslist, so i have no recpit , i do have some pics in my phone tho, and am not sure if they will cover my sound items in my car, also do i need to have auto insurance on my car to recive a claim, or does renters insurance take care of this.

Why do you need to pay a deductible for car insurance, if your paying a monthly bill?

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