I have to continue to pay my car insurance because I can't go without it, and now I can't find anything cheaper. I was told it was because a discount that I didn't qualify for had taken away.

first time and have heard a lot of story s of untrusted company. Wondering if anyone knew what a good company with car insurance? ?

Its like the reverse of car insurance where there is a deductible of say $500 then the insurance company pays the rest, with medical insurance they will pay up to a certain amount then you pay the rest.

What if I don't pay my insurance company the money I owe them?

My mom took my car for some stuff I did and she says the only way she'll give it back is if it gets signed over to my name and if I pay the entirety of my car insurance.

My girlfriend was on my car insurance policy and had 2 accidents while she was on and recently my policy got cancelled. ?

I have bad credit because of medical collection which I intended to pay off by the time my car loan was finalizing and now I m forced to get a new car with no money , currently bad credit and only one week of rental they provided for me .

Does lightning mcqueen use life insurance or car insurance?

Personal vehicle damaged in wind storm at work. Am I subject to my comprehensive deductible? Whos insurance is responsible?

I'm talking about a third party who will do all of the hard work and digging for a fee, then present me with the options (similar to having someone else do your taxes).

Car insurance+home insurance?

Maybe a stupid question but Isn't insurance a rip off?

Mom passed away 2007 she said If she dies her house was paid off we cant find insurance co. CAN YOU HELP ME PLEASE?

Is car insurance really important?

Can I get a refund from a car insurance place? I live in California. ?

I have a friend who had a no recicitation card and no health insurance. How can he get insurance? He is broke.

Should I wait until I have a wreck my car and then buy car insurance, and will they fix my pre existing condition?

My employer has no money to make payroll after spending a lot of company's money on his life insurance and new car. ?

It would be nice for both of these plans to be from the same provider, primarily so there would be only one set of guidelines on how it works. When I did research I found that the insurance companies have to be "authorized" to sell in each state.

Everyone on the freeway was spinning out of control and someone basically preformed a pit maneuver on me and caused me to collide in the inevitable pileup in front of us.

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