The cement wall shattered and sent large chunks of cement into out enclosed cargo trailer that was parked right next to the wall and completely totaled it.

Any current law requiring a letter from the finance company if one wants to take a car that is financed to Mexico for few months?

My Mother did not make it out in time and died as a result of a fire that burned down her house and totaled her car. We are almost sure she has coverage but are at a loss as how to find out who she has coverage with.

Only way to have insurance cover for pizza job is to get commerical policy, not personal insurance so why bother required a proof of insurance? Personal insurance don't cover any accident when deliver a pizza because personal insurance is not commerical.

I live in Georgia and the hurricane Irma came through our town, wind was pretty strong and it blew our shade out of our back yard and it landed in our neighbors driveway.

My son has never been able to use his Obama health ins. He has to scratch every month just to pay bills. because he has a 2000. deductiable. ?

Is this going to be a stressful time for insurance companies in the Houston area?

I mean what's the difference between him/her getting me some specialized license vs me getting my own commercial license from somewhere like progressive or Geico?

She bumped into my carSaid she didn't want insurance involvedMy mechanic said she would have to sign a documentShe found out it was going to be expensiveNow she called her insurance agentShe told me I would be getting a call from an adjusterIs she trying to get out of paying for some of it?

I know there are a lot of factors that go into determining rates but I'm kind of clueless about this. Whenever I talk to the agency, they just say that it's the lowest they can get.

Is it possible for me and my friend to be in the same insurance policy together without any parents? We re 17. ?

A few weeks ago my oven got too hot and the wires melted into each other causing them to touch, 10 feet sparks flew violently from behind my oven with myself and both my children right there in the kitchen.

We have AAA membership and want a quote on homeowners insurance for a condo in Bellair, Florida?

so what if i were to give a few rides lyft and then decide i want to stop because i want to keep my policy will my policy be null or void? Then a week later i get a questionnaire from geico (my insurance) to answer questions if i use one of thevehicle on my policy for commercial use.

Where can I get cheap renters insurance?

If my personal insurance paid my medical bills do insurance of the accident have to still pay for those bills or are they free from them to?

My brand new car (well it was a 2006, but I only got it a month before and it was a gorgeous car) was totaled. I've always been the kind of person who believes everything happens for a reason, but I have no idea what the reason for this was.

Took out an adaptable life insurance 25yrs ago with Canada life all they are giving me back is £560 and ive paid in £12,000. ?

Is there a website or search engine not operated by an insurance company (or anyone else with an agenda) that can help me select the right plan? gov before and my phone was ringing off the hook for months with sales pitches from insurance telemarketers.

I recently had some one break into my truck and steal all my sound stuff like speakers and subwoofer as well as my laptop and a couple articles of jewlery, my deductable is 500 bucks, so my question is how do i file a claim, for instance my laptop was bought off craigslist, so i have no recpit , i do have some pics in my phone tho, and am not sure if they will cover my sound items in my car, also do i need to have auto insurance on my car to recive a claim, or does renters insurance take care of this.

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