I need to find an Insurance Company to fit my health needs. I'm trying to get affordable health Insurance. Any Suggestions?

It costs $300 for it, I don't want to spend months saving just to have it all given back to me 2 days later. So, I went to Americas Best today to get some contacts and the medical card doesn't directly cover it, but they'll reimburse me if I send them a receipt.

And you are military and they pass away did they have life insurence? If your parent is your dependent.

How do i see if my mother had a policy?

If true then trying to come together somewhere in the middle of this 5000 difference may not be something they even desire to do if they do not care if they spend more on defense than to just wrap it up now by giving the 5000 difference or offering 4000 or 3000 more to get it done out of court.

Is there a mandatory amount of time an employer needs to give employees for open enrollment for insurance?

The girl who had all her stuff taken no longer lives in the house but she's been in touch to say that if the insurance won't pay out, she will claim her loss of $4000 against me.

Do you have to be AARP member to get their health insurance?

Is there some kind of hospitals in Connecticut where you can do the surgery without insurance?

Will my son save on insurance if he put me, who has a much longer good driving history, on his insurance policy?

With Jan 1st approaching, the person who replaced her and I are working on the new insurance rates and I noticed the employee did not have his new addition added onto his plan.

Instead of introducing a law where all citizens must have some form of health insurance--introduce a law the puts a cap on how much these facilities charge and quit exploiting patients as cash cows!

Does insurance company want to lose me?

Put wrong income for my health insurance application? . ?

can you help me find a good health coverage for me? I need affordable health dental insurance for my son.

Why is insurance calling about no payment?

I guess I am looking for someone to dumb down how the process works so I can understand and not do anything I shouldnt. Do I have to do all of the repairs with a professional or can I do them myself?

Health Insurance? ?

So long story short, I begin to see a doctor whom I at the time believed was within my insurance network i continue to visit this doctor for about 6 months (1 appointment every month to check up on med dosage) without being billed once (so i assume insurance is doing their job and making the payments necessary).

my grandmother instructed my wife not to tell me about the policy be she didn't want me trying to cash it in say if we fell on hard times. to which I replied, "yeah that sounds about right" never thinking for a minute that my wife would pass before me.

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