; Since the roof is 15 years old, will they prorate the cost to replace parts that are not damaged? Again it will look funny because the whole roof will not look the same.

Do I claim insurance payouts for collapse garage?

Is the fine for not having insurance based on gross income or taxable income?

When I inquired about it my agent said that it was because we were claim free for two+ years. I'm watching my mail box for my auto insurance bills to come this month.

my dog has completly destroyed the carpet in our hall, anyone know if i can claim for it through house insurance?

;Another question is that what's the difference between insurance sales person and insurance customer service representatives? Hi insurance company employees,;I just wonder that in general working days, what kinds of situation makes you much more busy than usual?

;Or some Far East countries in which by collusion and mendacity "life" insurance is sold on a naive public for gross profit alone, and claim settlements almost _never_ happen.

;Would you be willing to take a class on insurance if it meant receiving a discount on an insurance policy? ;If you were shopping for insurance, where would you go to look for an insurance quote?

Where do I stand if it went on fire am I liable for all repairs. I only have buildings insurance on my house because we have to. I want to know is it covered for fire damage in anyway?

I've never had any experience with anything like this but have heard that if you use the insurance sometimes the cost of the insurance goes up to the point that it doesn't really make fiscal sense.

we r staying with family, and its not a holiday for fun, more to get some business sorted. first time im travelling, 5 months pregnant, with 10 month old son and husband.

I am becoming a Notary Public and I am wondering what the best place to get notary insurance bond is

I am thinking about buying a house that was built in 1992, it has a hip roof, and is equipped with storm windows and everything, if this may help. I know that it has gone up because of weather conditions, but I was just wondering what the average insurance is right now.

i rather pay out of pocket anyways than fool with insurance.

I already live in a community that enforces the floodplain management ordinances, but how do I get the insurance?

I suspect I will be the last one alive in my family, assuming I have no children. I have house life insurace, the house will be paid for if I die before the mortgage is paid off.

Would this be covered by the house insurance or would you need separate contents insurance as its not near the house. I am renting a garage that is not attached to the house and want to insure it.

does house insurance cover past the expired date, how do I close this insurance, do I have to hand in the copied papers

Will a Townhouse insurance (from the condo corporation in Toronto) cover water damage from toilet backup? repair ceiling and replace carpet? i. e.

Hi, i am looking at removing a phone kiosk after adopting it through the council and taking it apart, moving it to my house. etc;Does anyone know of a PL insurance company that can deal with bespoke arrangments like this, i have tried a few with little luck;Cheers

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