I know there are a lot of factors that go into determining rates but I'm kind of clueless about this. Whenever I talk to the agency, they just say that it's the lowest they can get.

Or will I have to not be a dependent under my father and buy my own health insurance? I am pregnant and a dependent under my Father's insurance, my boyfriend is under his Mothers.

What is life insurance?

I was reading online that the select term won t last long since it s only for 20 years but the universal is permanent and more flexible but just expensive.

How does life insurance work?

I would like to get the gastric bybass surgery and I have the health insurance metro plus gold 2! I was wondering if anyone has the same 1?

Is it possible for me and my friend to be in the same insurance policy together without any parents? We re 17. ?

If I developed a financial hardship can I borrow $10,000 from my life insurance policy?

Can me and my friend be on the same car insurance policy? we're both 17. ?

Is a medicare care automatically sent when you turn 65?

I happen to work from home so I was able to tend to him but it has been difficult and quite frankly i never want to have to go through this again. Something similar to FMLA (but its my undersanding that FMLA doessn't pay you)I've already surpassed the need for this essentially.

For example, if a company offers two plans (one regular and the other HSA), but the employee was enrolled in the HSA plan, when electing COBRA, can he choose the other one?

but if my doctor were to change the medication say in the next day or so, it wouldn't matter because I bought the policy before the change in medication.

Petit Larceny 7 years ago and now I'm trying to get my insurance. Would I still qualify?

Can employees elect dental insurance at any time? Or is it only during open enrollment?

How Do I camcel my insurance policy -Auto?

I am being told I have unclaimed funds from a term life insurance policy. Do they pay out when you leave the plan?

Does the law regarding preexisting conditions still exist?

Im waiting for my ssdi to come through i signed an agreement to ademnd onset date about 3 weeks ago and it still says processing on ssa. gov. ?

4 million people are on Obamacare how will 21 million people lose their healthcare if it is cancelled? If only 6.

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