We paid out of pocket with no insurance to pay for all of this but it seems that the infection has returned and there is a possibility that she will need to have surgery again but with a specialty surgeon.

I'm starting to document the personal property we own in case we need to file a insurance claim for a total loss. What should I be recording to document the everyday items we own, furniture, family heirlooms, etc.

I went in to cancel my policy with GainsCo and they are telling me that I have to pay my upcoming bill (though it *should* be pro-rated) even though I am cancelling my policy.

I need to know how long I would be eligible for cobra insurance from my employer?

Will Obamas legacy be a failure of a healthcare program half of America never wanted to begin with?

After endless medical tests, no doctor has been able to prove any of my health problems, so I also do not qualify for any sort of disability from any employer or the government.

Can flex spending be used for my son who doesn't have health insurance?

The insurance company say I can't make a claim as it wasn't "accidental damage", as in I didn't knock it off the wall. A large resin wall hanging ornament fell off the wall and smashed various items on mantelpiece.

Don't people know that medicare is not free?

Due to the divorce they cannot pay my father but they want to split the funds between my mothers contingent and my fathers contingent. Life insurance company claims that because of the divorce they will have to pay the funds to the contingent beneficiary.

I want to retire in Dec 2018, but don't want my first payment until Jan 2019. I am 67 full retirement age. When should I sche my appt. ?

Will his Medi-cal case and my case be combined since we will both be living in the same address?

The cost of disposable syringes are not covered by health insurance plans True False?

I just wanted to know if there was a special term or if the thing even existed so I could search for it but no one would even give me that. "Most of the answers are: talk to your insurance agent, shop online, or you haven't provided any details about yourself so we can't answer you.

Hi,Does Aetna Medicare Advantage cover acupuncture?

What s the best short term health insurance if you live in Texas?

Is it possible to get back the money(premiums) you've already paid if you cancel an insurance early?

I guess I'll ask again since someone decided to move it and since I didn't feel I had to babysit it, I didn't get any answers. I just wanted to know if there was a special term or if the thing even existed so I could search for it but no one would even give me that.

People get murdered all the time for life insurance money! Why is life insurance necessary? ?

I need to file a claim on a life ins. Who do I call. polocy. ?

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