I didn't know I had no insurance when I went to the ER in 2016, but I got a bill for $3000 for it the other day. I don't think it will because the service was a year ago, but I gave them my current insurance as a last ditch effort.

If my personal insurance paid my medical bills do insurance of the accident have to still pay for those bills or are they free from them to?

I would attempt to seek legal advice except that I'm already going through a litigation over the will my parents had that my sibling doesn't think is fair so she's taken it to court.

The house is the only thing in the special needs trust. , who is responsible for paying homeowners insurance and property taxes?

In health insurance, what does it mean to satisfy a deductible?

No change in their offer in many week despite a specialist giving an impairment rating and describing how future treatment will be complicated and long term.

My sister owns a life insurance policy with me as the insured. . ?

I was going to add another vehicle on my insurance policy but my company says since it would be the third car on the policy I needed to add an extra person on the policy.

I look on company website and company have group life insurance along with supplementary life insurance. My brother has died of a heart attack and I am waiting on getting death certificate.

Whats your bank details?

Can i add my son and daughter in law to my insurance policy if they are living abroad?

Me and her are having a baby in September she feels bad that our daughter will never get to know her grandmother. Every year on Mother's Day she and her brother don't celebrate they always either stay home or go out somewhere to get their minds off it.

I've just called my insurance provider and he told me that my dental work is covered and (I'll use just one as an example) one of them costs $210 without the insurance, however he told me the negotiated fee is $150 and that im covered for 75 percent of that, so what am I actually paying?

What is her ethnicity?

I will be furloughed from a job soon. Should I sign up for COBRA?

Republicans always accuse Democrats of what they are guilty of. Who do you think "purposefully" wanted Obamacare to fail. them of course? . .

Looking for the best travel insurance that won't break the bank?

Do you cancel life insurance if separated/divorced?

My mother passed away, decomposing in the house for 2 weeks. What language under a Home Insurance Policy covers Biohazard? Any help?

Do we HAVE to go with medicare, or can he keep on his insurance the balance of the yr? Hubby will be 65 in Aug. Also, supplemental suggest/s?

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