Insurance question?

I have read my policy and it specifically states if it is in a wall, ceiling or floor where the insured could not have seen it then it should be an exception.

Her daughter has a great group plan through where she works, and that's a lot different than how I have to pay for an individual plan with no help. I'm shocked my friend sent me a request to fund money for her daughter's accident.

Can my husband choose to cover me and not himself?

I have Obama Care and pay $295 month with a $5,000 deductible. I need another job to pay for health care. WTF?

Why do older folks even need Medicare from the Govt since so many despise the Obama / Health Care Law for all Americans?

Why are Democrats still defending Obamacare?

So the purpose of the flawed Barack healthcare plan was to continue the destruction of the USA?

The insurance company would pay the policy limits and the plaintiff would be left to get the rest. Either the at fault drivers had limits in the hundreds of thousands of dollars or the verdicts were nothing but numbers.

Was told that I only have the day of the life changing event to sign her up. Is this correct or is there a window she has to get all necessary documents in?

Now I am less than a month away from my 90 days and I find out that not only will I not be going to full time but that I will only be given a Max of 28hrs per week.

If I were to get injured, would I still be covered under that insurance even though I m in a different country? I m only 18, so I m still under my patents health insurance.

Will there be a tax penalty for not having health ins for 2017?

Are you only allowed to get health insurance during open enrollment or special enrollment time periods. ?

If i terminate my life policy what happens to the cash surrender value?

The estimated cost is about $35,000 and he cannot afford to pay anything out of pocket due to other matters that have been happening since the beginning of this year (unexpected family deaths, car/transportation issues, other health issues & of course, living expenses/bills).

Can I take more holiday than I have accrued?

Where can I apply for Life Insurance for my mother who is 88 yrs old?

My insurance policy was cancelled?

So do not consider a fatality or any type injury where litigation is one hundred per cent guaranteed because the limits of the policy or policies are guaranteed to be too low and the insurance company pays the limits or a trial is definitely going to take place because of the nature of the injuries and the policy limits.

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