How many credit cards are necessary? Keep or cancel?

  • by Steven
  • Dec 14,2014
  • 0 answer

I am 18 years old and live in Austria. I currently have 3 credit cards. The first one is a MasterCard and I’ve had it for about 2 years and is co-signed with my dad, it also has the lowest limit of about €2200. The annual fee is €25

The second one is a VISA Classic and isn’t co-signed. It has a limit of €3000. It has an annual fee of about 40 Euros.

The third one is a VISA Gold card and has the highest limit of €5000. It also has the highest fee of €70. It has travel insurance etc included.

I’m going to move to London next year and I’m not expecting to get a credit card there since I don’t have an established credit history in the UK. Now I am unsure if I should keep all of the cards or close one or even two. Also all the cards together cost me about€135 in annual fees which is quite a lot. I definitely want to keep the VISA Gold tho and since the MasterCard is Co-signed I don’t think it comes up on my credit score. I keep the Mastercard and VISA Classic in my passport case since I travel a lot and don’t really use them on a daily basis. I just like to know that I have them…just in case. I spend about €1500 on all of them together each month.

What would you suggest?



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