A surgeon in Al Shifa hospital said it faced very intense bombardments by the Israeli military, while the World Health Organisation has said al-Shifa is no longer “functioning as a hospital anymore” due to severe fuel and power shortages.

“The tanks are in front of the hospital. We are under full blockade. It’s a totally civilian area. Only hospital facility, hospital patients, doctors and other civilians are staying in the hospital. Someone should stop this,” Dr Ahmed El Mokhallalati, a surgeon at the hospital, said by telephone.

“They bombed the (water) tanks, they bombed the water wells, they bombed the oxygen pump as well. They bombed everything in the hospital. So we are hardly surviving. We tell everyone, the hospital is no more a safe place for treating patients. We are harming patients by keeping them here.”

The Hamas-run health ministry has said that 32 patients had died in the past three days, including three newborn babies, as a result of the siege of the hospital and the cut-off of its electricity.

One health ministry spokesman told The Telegraph that premature babies, who have been taken out of incubators because of electricity cuts, have been huddled together on one bed to try and keep them warm as the nights get colder.

Medhat Abbas, a spokesperson for the Gaza health ministry, shared a photo of their tiny bodies stacked next to each other. Four of the babies were born via caesarean section after their mothers had died, he said. “I hope, I hope they will remain alive despite the disaster this hospital is passing through,” Mr Abbas said.

The IDF and the UK military are known to purchase small arms drones from Smart Shooter, but the company says its products are not being used in Gaza

Its Smash Dragon product is an armed quadcopter designed to “accurately hit static and moving targets while flying”, the company says on its website.

“The system is uniquely designed to lock, track, and hit unknown targets in an unknown environment, whether they be static or dynamic, day and night,’’ says the company.

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