Helen McNamara, the civil servant at the centre of misogyny allegations levelled against Dominic Cummings, is giving evidence at the Covid Inquiry. 

WhatsApp messages read out on Tuesday revealed that Ms McNamara, who was the deputy Cabinet secretary in the Cabinet Office from 2020 to 2021, was branded a “c—” by Mr Cummings, who also vowed to “personally handcuff” her and escort her from a building.

Mr Cummings denied allegations of misogyny during his evidence, after he was asked whether he had “contributed” to the “toxic atmosphere” in Downing Street.

Ms McNamara, the Government’s former head of ethics, issued a public apology last year after she was fined for Covid law-breaking at an alcohol-fuelled farewell event in June 2020.

The Telegraph revealed how Ms MacNamara’s karaoke machine was used at a “raucous” gathering for a departing colleague. She left the Government for a job in the Premier League, but stepped down from that role earlier this year. 

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