While England debate the balance of their side, Buttler said that the arrival of the players’ families in Mumbai has helped to lift the mood of the squad.

“It’s always a great time when all the families are on tour,” he said. “After a defeat like that it’s nice to get some perspective. Certainly my children give me some good perspective where cricket stands and we’re all determined to come out here and play well.”

Buttler reiterated that he wanted England to play in a more liberated style. In last week’s loss, England scored just one six to Afghanistan’s eight.

“It’s not necessarily for a lack of trying but absolutely – reinforce that message to the team, we don’t go away from that style we want to play just because we haven’t had the results we wanted in the first few games. So we’ll be fully committed to that, we know that’s served us well over a long period of time and will serve us well in the future as well.

“If you’re going to lose I’d rather lose in that style, I’d rather we go down on our sword and continue to take the game on and that’s something we’ll be committed to.

“We will double down on that always and if we are going to miss at some point we want to be on the more positive side. That has been the hallmark of this team for a long time and that is what we are committed to.”

Buttler hopes that, a few hours after an England victory in Mumbai, there will be another England win a World Cup clash with South Africa.

“It’s a fantastic weekend of sport isn’t it? Two great games and absolutely two England wins.”

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