The Transport Secretary has banned a sit-in protest for Gaza at King’s Cross station in London because of the risk to train services.

Mark Harper said he had agreed to a request from British Transport Police to prohibit the protest, with those who take part subject to arrest.

But hundreds of protestors have now gathered at King’s Cross in defiance of the ban. 

Mark Harper said: “While the right to peaceful protest is a key part of our democratic society, it cannot be at the expense of other people’s right not to be seriously disrupted or intimidated,” he said.

“That’s why I have granted consent for the British Transport Police to make an order under Section 14A of the Public Order Act 1986 prohibiting the planned protest at King’s Cross Station this evening. 

“This means protest activity at the station is classified as unlawful and anyone taking part will be subject to arrest.

“Officers must have the powers they need for our stations to remain safe places for people to go about their journeys, protecting public safety and preventing disorder.”

A crowd chanted “stop bombing children”, “shame on you Rishi Sunak” and “Israel is a terror state.”

Cries of “From the river to the sea/Palestine will be free” were also heard along with calls for a “ceasefire now”.

One placard read: “Palestinian lives matter: stop the genocide.”

Earlier in the evening one man was arrested outside Leon in King’s Cross Station for conducting part of the protest, allegedly having sat down on the station floor and called out “Free Palestine.”

Passersby filmed some of the protest.

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