While hardliners said they would have preferred any measure to include both spending cuts and new border-security measures, many indicated they would not turn on Mr Johnson, at least not for now.

“I am opposed to the [measure] that has been proposed, because it contains no spending reductions, no border security, and no policy wins for the American people,” GOP congressman Bob Good of Virginia wrote on social media.

He said while he opposed the bill, he supported the Speaker. “I am committed to working with Speaker Johnson and my House colleagues to chart a better path forward for our country.”

The bill would extend government funding at current levels into 2024, giving legislators more time to work on detailed spending bills that cover everything from the military to scientific research.

Mr Johnson’s plan includes an unusual two-part process that temporarily funds some federal agencies up until Jan 19 and others to Feb 2. Technically, it is termed a continuing resolution, or CR, that comes without any of the deep cuts conservatives have been seeking as they demand trims to the nation’s deficit.

At it stands, it also does not include President Joe Biden’s request for $106bn for Ukraine, Israel, and border security.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said both he and the White House were backing Mr Johnson’s bill to avoid a shutdown, aware that when such events happen it is very often the president who is blamed by the public.

“The proposal before the House does two things Democrats pushed for,” Mr Schumer said. 

“We all want to avoid a shutdown. I talked to the White House and both of us agree, the White House and myself, that if this can avoid a shutdown it’ll be a good thing.”

The measure’s passing came amid a testy day on Capitol Hill with one Senator almost coming to blows with a union leader who was giving evidence to a committee, and claims that Mr McCarthy had intentionally elbowed a fellow Republican who had voted to oust him. He denied the claim.

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