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Lights and Wipers Should Be In Good Working ConditionWhile testing your car lights, make sure that the lights are in good working condition.

Factors such as customer satisfaction, unified and customised customer experiences, operational efficiencies, financial inclusion and increased digital transaction volumes define the potentiality of digital transformation.Going digital has become more decisive than just the need for banks to eradicate the label of uncompetitiveness because digital banking solutions will help them meet both business and technological goals, and sustain their position in the core market.

These include:-The RTO should be informed at all times when the transfer of ownership is taking place.-Your original insurance policy document is also important.

If you cant find an answer in them, contact them directly for further assistance.

Sure, the element of danger persists (if one is not careful), but the sense of excitement that it offers cannot be matched up to.However, while buying their beloved bike, people fail to understand the importance of insurance and often end up buying the wrong one.

You can include various add-ons to enhance the coverage.

By focusing mainly on the lower risk riders, LMG and Roojai can dramatically cut insurance costs for the safer rider.Dr Boonsong Sermsrisuwan, sales chief at LMG, said: LMG brings its long-standing international and Thai expertise in insurance markets to support Roojais newest product.

"Basic" coverage covers permanent total or partial disablement and death, while "Enhanced" ensures riders are covered for everything in "Basic" along with weekly indemnity, accidental death, ambulance expenses, medical expense reimbursement and much more.

Meanwhile, two-wheelers will get their 5-year third party insurance will cost a comparatively nominal RS 1,045 for vehicles under the 75cc mark.

On the back of a supreme court order, the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority has issued a new order which comes into effect tomorrow, the 1st of September 2018.

Co-incidentally, two-wheelers caused majority of deaths in accidents in the country.Having a longer tenure policy can save a vehicle owner from high liabilitiesand long-drawn court cases.The Motor Appellate Claims Tribunal hears cases filed by aggrieved parties in cases of deaths related to road accidents.

However, the customers would be benefited with the premium amount being locked for the entire duration of three and five years.

So, the companys focus will be on all lines of business in the general insurance domain.

If you have security devices fitted, always use them. Fit an approved alarm and immobiliser (and sticker) to your bike - this will deter criminals.

Your one call to the two-wheeler insurance company would take care of all your woes.7.

Its the accidental vehicle is repaired outside the network garage, then the policyholder can claim for reimbursement of the garage expense.

"The weather's gone sort of pear shaped", he offers.

They engage people through experience, establishing a meaningful connection that inspires their audience and prompts immediate behaviour change.To sum it up: if you feel your brand is not doing well despite massive media spend you may need to rethink your strategy and identify the best place for your brand to be, and how it can prove its purpose to people in real life ideally in collaboration with your consumers.And if you already hate advertising, you stand a good chance of making a difference ...

was launched in 2014 by ex-Kwik Fit Financial Services CEO Brendan Devine, and took home two awards in the recent Insurance Choice Awards.If brokers are able to fuse their knowledge and expertise with a few drops of technology and data, they could deliver the kind of honest transparency that would strengthen the industry and propel us into a golden era of insurance.

If you have access to a locked garage, parking your 125cc bike in there over night will help lower the insurance premium.

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