Who can buy car insurance?

  • 02/11/2017
When hiring a car insurance you do not always know who is the one that can make the process and what is the scope that each of those who can be responsible has about the service. It is said that in some cases it is sought to take the insurance of someone with a good reputation so that the policy is lower. But the truth is that we must keep in mind an important distinction between who takes the policy, the insurance of the car itself and the insurance that will have who is responsible for driving it.

For the contracts that are made in the taking of insurance, different actors can be considered. On the one hand, the policyholder is the one who will take the insurance on their behalf; on the other hand, is the insured who will benefit from the policy chosen and in another space is the driver who may or may not be included in the insurance policy of the car or who must have their own insurance as a driver.

The policyholder, the insured and the driver

Largely we could say that the one who hires the insurance is the policyholder. This person may or may not be the owner of the car and it is not necessary that it be declared in the policy as who will drive the vehicle. In many cases, the policyholder may be a legal person, as in the case of business vehicles, and as such will have both rights and obligations with respect to the contract acquired.

When, on the contrary, instead of a policyholder there is an insured who takes a policy for a car, it is usually the owner of the vehicle. In addition, on the other hand, the driver is the person who declares himself before the insurer as who will drive the vehicle and can be both the policyholder and the insured as well as any other person who adopts that role.

It is important to note that a policyholder, for example, may have several policies under his profile and this is usually the case of the fleets of cars for companies. Your good profile will make you get better rates for all cases, but in the same way, a bad action of any of the vehicles you are responsible for can have a negative effect on all other policies purchased or acquired.

Another important fact is that many times drivers have personal driver insurance independent of the one that protects the vehicle they drive and that is usually very appropriate for those people who, due to their work environment, constantly manage different units.

As an extra, it is worth clarifying that you can hire a car insurance any person who has at least the age of 18 years and who, owner or not of the vehicle that insures, has proof documents for the bond with the good that will ensure. The documentation that must be presented in these cases will depend on the insurance to be taken. If you have a similar case, try the rodney d young insurance quotes and take advantage of everything you need with the online advisors.
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