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  • Premier League
  • 03/11/2017
Heres our fantasy premier league GW11 team selection article where we talk about the FFGeek team. We look at last week, transfer dilemmas, captain choice and lineup issues

A pretty depressing week which resulted in a red arrow of 47k a wasted transfer which is about to be 2 wasted transfers and 4 points worse off than if I had just chucked the transfer in the bin. And although its not a big deal to me Im 0.3m worse off than I was last week.

If youre desperate to feel better about your week you can see my early thoughts article but Im not proposing to dwell on it any further

This week Im transferring Lacazette out for Harry Kane. Thats a definite. As I write this I havent done it just to let a few hours pass before I make the transfer just to make sure nothing comes out of the woodwork unexpectedly (as if it would with Poch!). I could have done it yesterday to avoid the price rise but I just didnt trust Poch. In the end there was nothing on the website but various reports are saying that Poch says hes fine.

I wont be making another transfer. Thats virtually definite if you can use those words together. Cedric leaves next week. Probably for Moreno or Gomez of Liverpool who I flip flop between as the best option. However Im not doing it now as if ever you should keep a defender its home to Burnley. Cedric has lulled me into a false sense of security before with a clean sheet but he would have to do something special to be in my team for GW12.

Davies could also go next week if Rose plays against Palace. That would make the rotation actually real instead of a figment of the Spurs medical team/Pochs imagination. Not sure on who I would get. I would have the cash for another Spurs defender although I do feel a bit uneasy about paying 6m for someone like Vertonghen with no attacking ability. Also the loss of Alderweireld must make them less defensively strong

If Jesus doesnt play this week then hes definitely in the firing line as that would seem to make him clear second fiddle to Aguero. That means EFLCup and dead UCL rubber fodder with FA Cup duties around the corner. Ill either go cheap and add Sane in try or try and squeeze Morata in.

Going cheap upfront could also allow me to get Richarlison maybe and at some stage Id like to improve Tom Carroll to someone at 5.5m.

Its quite a long shopping list for someone who just wasted 2 transfers

Impossible it seems to be anyone except Kane although Ill be doing a captain article at some stage today or tomorrow. Impossible seems a strange word given the fact that hes failed at home to Burnley, Swansea and Bournemouth. However we take comfort on the fact that he didnt fail in the underlying stats!

In all seriousness from what Ive seen he seems to be the runaway choice and although as I said, I will be writing a captain article its hard to imagine anything will change so I wont be going against the tide

This is only an issue with the order of the 1st 2 on the bench. Sterling, Davies and Jesus could potentially all not play. Id like to think thats unlikely but Id also be shocked if all 3 play. That means the first choice sub is quite important. Ive gone for Ward as Dyche will undoubtedly like to show what he can do for an unamed defensive shambles of a team that I wont mention as I dont want to start any rumours!

Heres the team. Remember LACZETTE IS KANEpending the transfer tonight

Thats it. Ill tweet and maybe facebook the team when I finally decide that its safe to make the Laca to Kane transfer. Probably around 8pm. It will be tonight as according to the excellent site FPL statistics Kane will go up again tonight.

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