Couple stranded in Turkey hospital for WEEKS in nightmare holiday after wife trips and breaks leg

  • 05/09/2018
Couple stranded in Turkey hospital for WEEKS in nightmare holiday after wife trips and breaks leg
A couple have been stranded in Turkey for weeks after a dream trip to the sun turned into a holiday nightmare.

Pat and Eric Massey, from east Hull, flew to Kusadasi, Turkey nearly three weeks ago but disaster struck just two days into their trip when Pat, 79, tripped over a paving stone and broke her femur in her leg.

The couple were due to arrived home last Thursday after what was supposed to be a two week trip to the sun, reports Hull Live .

However, within days Pat had been hospitalised and had to undergo surgery the day after her fall.

Since then both she and Eric, 80, have been stranded in the hospital.

Their eldest daughter Yvette Hardy, 56, said her parents were told Pat would be flown home on a stretcher a couple of weeks after the operation.

But now their insurance company are allegedly refusing to fly them home until pat is mobile which could take a number of weeks.

They are staying at the hospital in Turkey but have limited clothes and medication.

Mrs Hardy claims the insurance company initially wanted to see her mother's medical records after they reported her injury.

However, she claims Pat sent them her records in full before they left.

She said: "They said they needed her records from the GP, but by that point her Jet2 flight had already left. They needed the records in case there was anything on there that they hadn't declared.

"I called her GP, who said they had sent the records first class and posted them but that they would be there four days later, so I asked them to fax them and they did.

"At first [the insurance company] said she hadn't declared a hip operation she had years ago but she had, so they said she had a claim and would get her home as soon as possible.

"They paid 166 each for their holiday insurance as they both declared everything."

The couple claim the insurance company then said they would not bring her home on a stretcher despite previously saying that they would.

Yvette said: "They want her to be mobile before she flies. They then moved her to another hospital about 100 miles away. My dad had a major stroke around three years ago and takes medication for it but he only has enough for two days.

"I need to get them home, otherwise I will be bringing him home in a box. He isn't doing too well at all. He is starting to have panic attacks and worry about his medication. There is no proper English speaking doctors in the hospital."

Yvette said the insurance company has said they want to see how her mother progresses when she is mobile.

She said: "I asked them how long it could take and they said they couldn't give me a time but it could be around six weeks before she can start putting any weight on her leg.

"I feel like I'm at a dead end. I just want them home."

The insurance company have been approached for comment.
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