What is the correct way to handle the repairs? Broke a window at the gym. Spoke to the owner.

I was under the impression that if I was pulling something and I hit something the thing that i hit would be covered. Of course the mobile home I was pulling would not be cover unless I had cargo insurance.

What type of insurance must a bar carry to protect itself from lawsuits?

and if so wht insurance do I need and where can I get this insurance? Do I need insurance to teach fire dancing in a park on weekends. x? . . .

Since the car is so old and parts to repair are VERY HARD TO GET AND VERY EXPENSIVE, UPS wants to declare it a total loss and pay me what a used 1957 Chevrolet is worth.

How can every country with universal health coverage for there people,be wrong?

I only have liability insurance will that cover it or am I going to have to pay out of pocket & also what’s an estimate of how long and how much it’s going to take to repair?

I know I need to have car insurance to drive, but that's all I know. I am familiar with car insurance, health insurance, home insurance, etc. I am just wondering how many type of insurance are there in the world.

I have no home insurance and i have been flooded by neighbour what are my options?

How do i state farm insurance suspend for non use?

I have 3 Independent Contractor Providers working for me and they each have their own malpractice insurance coverage, do I still need to add them to my policy?

So I have been shooting weddings as a small side gig and have not made much out of it but I am shooting a wedding this weekend where the venue requires that I have insurance.

homeowner notified of dangerous tree including statement from tree expert that the tree appeared to be in danger of falling based on visual inspection from 10 feet away (not entering neighbor property to inspect tree).

The email stated the following:'With all of our studio bookings, we require that you have public liability insurance with a general indemnity to principal clause amounting to a minimum of €2.

If the responsible insurance company says they will rent you a car until the damaged car is fixed then when you go rent the car, they want to charge for insurance or if you use your own, you will still have to pay the deductible for any damage done to the car including any dings or scratches incurred so is this just another rip off or what?

The cost of the insurance will either make or break my business so if I can write it off that would make the difference of if I get insurance or not (which I definitely want).


What is general Liability insurance?

Does property insurance cover Acts of God?

The cement wall shattered and sent large chunks of cement into out enclosed cargo trailer that was parked right next to the wall and completely totaled it.

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