Do I still have to pay for health insurance?

What types of insurance should an individual purchase?

I have applied for an ehic card hoping that they will accept the card as insurance however I wouldn't mind still filling out an indemnity form, but does anyone think I'd still be stopped from entering Amsterdam, even with the indemnity form.

Will flight insurance pay if I am unable to make trip because of husband illness?

Insurance for visiting the USA?

Please no stupid answers, do not submit a response unless you actually know what are talking about and are willing to help. The problem is that I am reading online that Medicare does not cover you while you are abroad.

One person tells me the medical condition must be stable 3 months PRIOR to the purchase, while another person says 3 months FROM the date of purchase.

I finally just said to hell with it and asked them to fly me to Atlanta and I would just drive a rental back home after the storm had dissipated. I fought with Delta for hours and they finally re-booked and paid for my return flight with a layover in Detroit.

Can you buy travel insurance after you have been admitted into hospital abroad? Or would this void the insurance policy?

but if my doctor were to change the medication say in the next day or so, it wouldn't matter because I bought the policy before the change in medication.

What is travel insurance?

If I were to get injured, would I still be covered under that insurance even though I m in a different country? I m only 18, so I m still under my patents health insurance.

Can i add my son and daughter in law to my insurance policy if they are living abroad?

Looking for the best travel insurance that won't break the bank?

Yes it's in the small print that they won't cover the 'enjoyment of a holiday'They also state that we used the hotel, and didnt need to change the flights.

I would like to get travel insurance on line?

Does home insurance covers the travel insurance policy?

Need health insurance for Visitor in US Los angeles. ?

Do I need to buy travel insurance for a trip within Germany? I have Medicare and a supplemental policy. (I'm covered for trip cancellation. )?

Does the Obama Humana/Medicaid Insurance cover trips over seas?

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