99, but when i get them theyre $5 each, so im worried what will happen if i lose my parents health insurance from moving out how can i get my prescriptions if i have no health insurance and cant afford just the hundreds to have it a month without even including getting my prescriptions.

Quitting job health insurance?

So my parents decided not to claim me as a dependent on their 2014 tax forms to see how much money they could save and unknowingly as a result, my health plan was cut off in October because of that.

I found a good job but doesn't offer health insurance. how can I find a good plan. have checked insurance companies they are expensive. ?

;My parents paid about $3k into the policy over 25 years, and its worth about $1k currently. ;I have a life insurance policy worth $150k through my employer which costs about $2/month.

stayed for 5 hours and was taken there by an ambulance (I was 33 weeks pregnant and fell on my belly). And what about the ambulance, is that apart or together, will they bill my insurance or me?

Is it better to pay the obamacare penalty filing jointly married or separately. Spouse has heath care I do not. Joint income 90k,, mine 48k?

I got injured over 2 months ago, but I didn't have any health insurance. Will ObamaCare cover my injury from 2 months ago that I got without any insurance?

Which is best family health insurance plan with no copay, low pre existing disease waiting period, covered ayurveda and dental treatment. ?

I need some health insurance but i do not know what to get?

Basically, what I'm trying to figure out is whether we'd have to pay out-of-pocket given that she is approximately 5 weeks pregnant. We are $600 shy of reaching our lifetime max of infertility coverage.

If you have two insurance policies can you collect from both?

I'm looking for genuine pet life insurance - something that will pay me in case my pet dies unexpectedly, from anything other than old age or hereditary conditions, or whatever's stipulated in the contract.

How do I pay my Obamacare Insurance and who do I give my money to? And is Obamacare monthly when I pay it?

Danger of going without health insurance for a month. ?

I tried to get insurance last year, but I gave up after the said it was too expensive, and multiple phone calls failed to resolve technical issues on their end.

The definition I know is "the first ___ dollars you pay out of pocket, until your insurance kicks in". I go for my first doctor's office appointment of the year.

Do Republicans even care that Obamacare has saved many American lives?

I really need a plan under $100/month if I am going to make ends meet. ;It is something I will probably never use, but it will help me avoid the fee.

It has been 20 days that we've been without coverage and he will be signing us up for new insurance at his new job next week. I've found a lump in my breast and would like to get the CT scan for more info about a possibly enlarged lymph node.

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