How would you market insurance to millenials?

Would like to bundle with home owners insurance? I have auto insurance with you.

Does my Dad’s car insurance cover me as well ?

What is the correct way to handle the repairs? Broke a window at the gym. Spoke to the owner.

However, EVERY TIME I've tried to get a quote, they won't let me get a quote UNLESS I put in a vehicle. Yes, I understand "non-owner car insurance" is in the name, you don't need a car.

The guy said he was revoking my license because I can t hear to good on the phone because of? Can a car insurance quote get my licensed revoked?

I was getting a car insurance quote and I couldn't hear the phone to good because of a bad connection and I told him that. The guy was a real jerk and said he was going to have my license revoked?

What types of insurance should an individual purchase?

Can health insurance cover costs for previous visits to a doctor?

What should I do?

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Outside of one phone call I had with my insurance I haven’t heard or received anything from anyone about paying anything. I checked my Health insurance earlier and it’s saying I still owe $520 for ambulance and hospital bills.

Very basic insurance for self employed?

Does it also depend on the year of the vehicle? Average car insurance payment for someone under 25?

I got married to my wife like 3 years ago and we have car insurance together, out of the blue after two years of having an insurance policy our balance when from 127 to 900 they said that we own balances on 2012 and 2013, and they cancel our policy if we do not pay it.

Every one of them was either 1) not covered 2) or partially covered but was still too expensive or 3) only for people who are abusing drugs, which I'm not.

What actions can you take to reduce premiums on automobile insurance?

My fear is if I call Medicaid to find out they will ask me if I am employed and I would be forced to say yes and the company I am employed with will forced to be reported, popping up on the radar which will enable to agencies to come get me.

Can I get a refund if car insurance been over charging me a year?

What happens if i cancel too many car insurance policies?

My employer wants me to consider a healthcare plan with lower deductible and higher monthly. Is this better to do? It is Blue Shield?

If health insurance companies charge monthly premiums why do they still charge yearly deductibles? That's just ridiculous. ?

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