How long does it take to collect life insurance money?

;My parents paid about $3k into the policy over 25 years, and its worth about $1k currently. ;I have a life insurance policy worth $150k through my employer which costs about $2/month.

Why do life insurance companies make you go to see a doctor for a checkup?

Anyone had dealings with American National Income Life Insurance?

What is the cheapest way to go for 150k worth of ins. My term insurance is about to expire. I'm 70, can I still get term. ?

If you have two insurance policies can you collect from both?

I'm looking for genuine pet life insurance - something that will pay me in case my pet dies unexpectedly, from anything other than old age or hereditary conditions, or whatever's stipulated in the contract.

;My hypothesis is that Life Insurance owners pay in to policies for years (sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars), yet most beneficiaries never get a successful claim, either due to allowing the plan to lapse, not qualifying, or not even applying.

How do I check on my life insurance she left me after my grandma died?

Can Credit card companies demand a portion or all of Life insurance given to heirs and beneficiaries you choose?

My dad died in 2009 i think he had a life insurance from his company and my question is how did i claim for his life insurance? ?

Does a small baby need insurance? Can a small baby get insurance?

I was left $45,000 from his life insurance policy (along with my siblings)but since we were all under 18 yrs old my dad made our uncle the policy holder(our names are also on it).

If one person murders her husband, can she get the insurance amount she is otherwise entitled to?

Di I have the right to view or access the records involved for obtaining this policy? My business partner has a life insurance policy on me.

I make 61-62000 per year and I am a 34 years old non smoker. I am interested in purchasing a 3 million dollar life insurance policy. ?

My mom and Grandma told me that I was left twenty five thousand dollars, but my mom used that money to buy a cabin up north and is trying to sell it but ill only get my money "if they can afford to give it to me" I need to check to see it in writing that I am owed 25K so I can take her to court.

Is life insurance required by law?

I have started my own life insurance plans for my family I have no contact with my parents and would like to know if there is a way to cash that plan that they got for me in my name without having to talk to them because I know they won t give me the info and I could really use the money to get my life a little bit more in order

What is better term life insurance or whole life insurance?

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