Any suggestions on which companies offer the best rates for the most coverage? Shopping around for term life insurance.

How much does insurance go down after turning 25?

What does the term points mean, or reference in insurance commission?

Do you think it is wrong that health insurance premiums for females are almost three times as much than males until the age of 27?

How does car insurance works?

Being charged for expired auto policy?

Should I add myself to my mom's auto insurance policy or buy my own?

I know I need to have car insurance to drive, but that's all I know. I am familiar with car insurance, health insurance, home insurance, etc. I am just wondering how many type of insurance are there in the world.

Are health care plans based on income?

Anybody knows an insurance company which offres affordable car insurance without asking about credit score?

I just wanted to know if there was a special term or if the thing even existed so I could search for it but no one would even give me that. "Most of the answers are: talk to your insurance agent, shop online, or you haven't provided any details about yourself so we can't answer you.

Is it possible to get back the money(premiums) you've already paid if you cancel an insurance early?

How much is your home owners insurance?

Advice on insurance?

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Advice on insurance?

Can I pay off the last month of my car insurrance and keep my first year no claims?

the receptionist at my employers office even encouraged insurance fraud, saying that if I ever WAS to get into an accident with a client in my car, I can lie and say it is a relative of mine, not a client!

A hit and run driver caused me neck pain, gas leak and dented front end. I have un insured motorist insurance but is it worth filing claim?

So what difference is it making if the windshield repair is $220 if I pay out of pocket or claim it through insurance if either way I m paying $220? Lets say I make a claim a week from now for a $1500 repair, will I only pay $280 and insurance covers rest?

If I already have my personal car insurance, am I still required to buy 'separate' insurance to work for Uber/Lyft?

we both realize at my age (under 25) and with the meager income i earn from work, insurance would be difficult to pay at this stage in my life. When i told her this, she suggested finding out if she can leave me her insurance policy.

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