I am a professional engineer, but I work contract because I like the freedom of moving around and working projects that are interesting to me. So, I have an individual insurance plan, not group coverage like you would get with a large employer.

What is the least expensive way to insure (health) a 26 year old earning less then $6k a year?

I submitted to cancel our coverage on the 22nd of August, and he had started coverage on the 24th of July, but my work is not letting me cancel because he was elegible for insurance on the 6th of july and I needed to cancel within 30 days of that date.

Employers insurance did not cover medical bill. What can I do?

I’m not sure how this works but we obviously can’t have a lapse even tho we did not use medical for August , it’s extremely stressful. I thought we had 60 days to notify my job of the qualifying event but we only had 31 days.

Of course I am going to familiarize myself with all of this information but how much of my job will be explaining and helping with the insurance info and processes?

I gave the Life insurance company her death certificate and all the paperwork neccessary to file the death claim. She had a pretty good life insurance plan set up for me so that I would have some extra money during my time of grieving.

From your experience with a home insurance claim, what is a realistic amount of time to see a return check ? I called my agent and he said he would look at it and review my claim.

I wouls like to cancel my insurance?

If my health insurance covers adult circumcision, will I have to pay a deductible for this, or will it all be covered no charge to me?

My Dad had received pension and annuities, when he retired, he has since passed mom was beneficiary. Should she be entitled to them?

How can I get the settlement i deserve from my insurance?

If I use my parents health insurance and it asks for a picture of ID can I use a picture of my ID? ( I am covered under their insurance)?

Like life insurance is there anything like death insurance?

If an insurance company discovers a policy was created specifically to be collected will they cancel the policy?

Do I need to get temporary coverage until we get my husbands or do I have 30 days after he is born to get him insurance or do I have to have a plan for him before he is born?

Can the main person on health insurance see when a dependent uses the card at the doctors? Or will they have no idea? (United health care)?

and on the 4th of July he and I smoked 2 cigarettes (I only smoke 1/2-1 pack a year) And 3 weeks after the fourth, he had a heart attack, and had to have medical attention.

What is the pain and suffering award for 153k in medical bills and covered by state farm with a 250k policy?

I just got renters insurance and someone broke in to my home. Is it to early to file a claim? I’ve already notified the cops!

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