After reaching my annual maximum, does the dentist still need to abide by the fee schedule they have with the dental insurance?

In nys is my job required to let me enroll in health insurance outside of Open enrollment bc of a pregnancy (life changing event)?

What dental insurance can be used with any dentist?

Again, there are no financial ties and if he died today or tomorrow she most likely would not give a dime toward his funeral or share with his children and the people he is actually financially responsible for.

I need my policy number?

The invoice for clean up and tear down (which is apparently justified) is $15,000 and was sent to the insurance company for a kitchen flood immediately after the work was performed.

I refused to transport walking carers as I wouldn t be covered by my insurance policy (my insurance company has confirmed this) My employer is arguing that I am covered under their insurance.

It was a well known restoration company, they had to remove kitchen kitchen cabinets, take down part of my dry walls in four rooms, move furniture, -- and billed my insurance company directly.

Where Can I get cheap life insurance that covers critical illness?

I want the policy to be enough to pay for funeral cost,but sustainable enough so that all three can have a decent nest egg left over for themselves after funeral costs are paid.

I have $0 towards this deductible, since I received this insurance through my job in January of this year. I want to get a new primary care physician and receive a wellness checkup but I have a $5,000 deductible.

Need to change insurance for medicare how to go about doing that?

Why do people board up houses before hurricanes?

I actually have no health insurance and if I have to file taxes at the beginning of next year then how could I avoid paying the penalty of not having health insurance?

I have no home insurance and i have been flooded by neighbour what are my options?

Are health care plans based on income?

Do I contact others insurance after their adjuster had a low ball amount check for me?

Please i wish to get an inssurance form for a patient. ?

& it ended up being 6,000 + but I only 3,000 +My question is does anyone know if I can combine my insurance . Or can I see if his insurance will pay more even if we are on the same insurance.

Anybody knows an insurance company which offres affordable car insurance without asking about credit score?

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