Can I send my mother's Knights Life Insurance policy to American General Life Insurance based in Nashville, TN for payment?

00 in benifitw, when I receive the check is it taxable? I have a cancer policy and will receive approx 5000.

Can state farm insurance raise my rates if I don't HAVE HEALTH INSURANCE IN fl?

When I got my house, the insurance company to insure my house too, they asked me if I had dogs. Do they charge more if you have dogs?

What's the point of having life insurance?

It was difficult to establish over the phone what the result would be if I did not continue to pay since I didn't have rights or power of attorney for him, but from what I could gather they had simply been withdrawing from the value of his policy to cover the cost of the payments that I was not making from the time I stopped making them.

Can I get a refund if car insurance been over charging me a year?

He said that your new insurance company will not want to pick up preexisting damages, so any future roof repairs will be met with resistance (more than the usual) because of the storm.

Beneficiary name change?

Any suggestions on which companies offer the best rates for the most coverage? Shopping around for term life insurance.

Hey so if my boyfriend lied about having a domestic relationship with me in order to add me on to his insurance, who will get punished?

Can contract labor receive company benefits (such as health insurance)?

Can I use my expired Heath insurance card?

We pay $1300 a month or so for insurance (family of 5) and don't have the cash or the inclination to pay them $1800 for what I see as their mistake. We had a newborn child at the time, handing our insurance card at the desk every time.

How to switch medicaid insurance company without calling the one you currently have. , no number found on card. ?

My medical insurance wants to take 53,000 from my 180,000 accident settlement. Would it be worth taking them to court?

Can I lie about about the years I been licensed to Insurance?

I am thinking if I get off of her insurance, it will be a relief for myself and for her so at least some of the surgery is paid for. Also, I went into the ER last night & I am still responsible for a $500 payment after insurance.

What does an insurance company do if a policyholder told them that they are a non-smoker for lower premiums, when they are heavy smokers?

Found My Dad old Life Insurance Policey for $500. The policey taken out on July 4th 1932. Does anyone know the value today?

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