I only ask cause it results in significantly different amounts if it would have been the opposite (Based on coinsurance amounts). I got into a car wreck (went to ER) then had an MRI weeks later from a cyst found in ER.

The contractor said "It doesn't matter you have it or not, if it's required by the city then they have to cover" Now what? I have a roof claim and they say i don't have a building code coverage.

How does car insurance works?

Having been a customer of Elephant Automobile Insurance Co since 2017, my policy is expiring in February of 2019. 00 for a 12-month term policy for my 2003 Chevy Blazer in Amarillo, Texas?

Does everyone have the same insurance company for Original Medicare part a and b? Not an Advantage or supplemental plan , original medicare?

Also, I understand couples can theoretically each get their own insurance if they are both working; the scenario at hand is if one spouse is not working.

Someone chased me and boyfriend in their car and intentionally hit us and totaled my car. We know who they are. Will their insurance pay?

Copay At Doctors?

  • 3 weeks ago
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Hi All,So I know when you have a yearly physical there is no copay, but there is usually always a copay when you go for anything else throughout the year.

Can I tell my insurance to put my name on the check that pays my medical bills?

If the indemnity paid the hospital the $3000 first, then that would reduce the cost to $47,000 of which I would have to pay the $2500 deductible. If the insurance kicked in first, there would be only a $2500 deductible to pay, BUT the indemnity plan would pay me $3000 so I would profit by $500.

I am 74 and plan on moving from England to florida anyone know best health insurance?

Medi-Cal 2 questions?

My job has insurance I'll have to switch to which has a 80 and 100 percent plan. My insurance through the state just went up a ton and I can't really afford it.

We did not meet that deductible this year (knew we wouldn t) and every time we see a Dr I pay at least $85 if not more. So of course we have to sign up for a new plan for 2019 (they arnt going to carry this one anymore).

Cancelled life insurance?

He has been unable to work for the past 6 months due to a medical condition but his employer is still paying his insurance. Problem is we have not been able to pay the employee portion on his policy and now owe his employer around $6000.

She told me she was making me beneficiary because I was the one who always took care of her and and the last couple of months her only caregiver and it was her way of showing her appreciation for my sacrifice.

Does Homeowners insurance cover for life when a house is burnt with a kid in it?

Can you explain how a deductible works when it comes to health insurance?

Since the car is so old and parts to repair are VERY HARD TO GET AND VERY EXPENSIVE, UPS wants to declare it a total loss and pay me what a used 1957 Chevrolet is worth.

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