House insurance in the UK when you are out the country for 6 months?

We are probably going to go thru house insurance for it, however, recently I found out that 1 of the rings is cover under a theft replacement plan with the jewelry store we bought it from.

Why do people board up houses before hurricanes?

The insurance company say I can't make a claim as it wasn't "accidental damage", as in I didn't knock it off the wall. A large resin wall hanging ornament fell off the wall and smashed various items on mantelpiece.

Why can't I find insurance without medical questions?

However she has now told me that she had a one-off no claim discount and she has found that if she claims from her insurance, her payments will increase significantly and she would also have a $500 deductible to pay.

My Mother did not make it out in time and died as a result of a fire that burned down her house and totaled her car. We are almost sure she has coverage but are at a loss as how to find out who she has coverage with.

Can i add my son and daughter in law to my insurance policy if they are living abroad?

His mother wants us to give him another 1500 for medical bills because a lawyer told them they can't get anymore money out of the house insurance and to talk to the homeowners.

I logged into my Geico App and it said that my policy will be canceled at such and such date. I called and they said its because i didn't return a new policy questionnaire, which i was never aware of.

all of the things that are basic car maintenance and they charge you a 500 dollar deductible before they cover the cost of any repair. and you can easily get rid of your deductible by doing doctor visits or going to the ER when you are ill outside of office hours.

Keep in mind that the model outlined below is very rough and unrefined:So what are the problems with a health care system in which everyone pays forth a standard sum at the beginning of the period, which is them vowing to help pay for the medical expenses of anyone who gets sick, in return for their medical bills getting subsidized should they get sick?

i have no insurance because its too expensive and my home is 74 years old and every company told me if my house ever got damaged the pay wouldn't be a lot because it was probably too old and meant to break down soon.

He ony has a small two bedroom house were he shares a bedroom with his som and his three daughters share the other room and i have a smaller one bedroom rental where my two boys share the room and i sleep in the lvingroom.

How can I get cheeper house insurance?

As if he were to be robbed he would like to have peace at mind for them. He has a collection of star wars collectables worth around £5-10,000 he is not sure but say £10k to be safe.

Does a small baby need insurance? Can a small baby get insurance?

Can an insurance agent make more commission by raising your premium?

Am I entitled to get a refund if I cancel my house insurance half way through my annual policy?

To get house insurance from farm bureau -do they dobackground checks to get house insurance?

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