Would my home insurance go up if I cancel my auto?

What actions can you take to reduce premiums on automobile insurance?

He said that your new insurance company will not want to pick up preexisting damages, so any future roof repairs will be met with resistance (more than the usual) because of the storm.

Average cost of homeowners insurance in Louisiana?

What does the term points mean, or reference in insurance commission?

Whats the average increase in homeowners insurance coverage for having a pitbull?

We are paying an outrageous premium and at our ages should we lose our home, we don't need as much as we are covered for. I have noticed our personal property amount is almost as much as the coverage for our home and we don't need that much.

Does Homeowners insurance cover for life when a house is burnt with a kid in it?

I know I need to have car insurance to drive, but that's all I know. I am familiar with car insurance, health insurance, home insurance, etc. I am just wondering how many type of insurance are there in the world.

I have no home insurance and i have been flooded by neighbour what are my options?

Can I claim damages caused by a visiting family member on my homeowners insurance?

Is a lead inspection mandatory on a multi family house in order to obtain a homeowners insurance policy?

As an insurance marketer, how can I send personalized wishes or official reminders to my customers?

I can think of all kinds of problems that I could have if I let them inspect my home, and nothing good that can come from it. My homeowners insurance company sent me a letter saying that they want me to allow someone to inspect my home to see if it is adequately maintained.

If the city of Chula Vista wants to buy my property for a project do I have to have homeowners insurance?

Does home owners insurance cover sink holes?

Why can't I find insurance without medical questions?

homeowner notified of dangerous tree including statement from tree expert that the tree appeared to be in danger of falling based on visual inspection from 10 feet away (not entering neighbor property to inspect tree).

How much can my family claim on homeowners insurance after an in house robbery?

What questions should I ask and what should I look for in a policy. I own a home in nycMy mom lives there n she has 24/7 care with private aides.

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