Health Insurance - United Health vs Blue Cross Blue Shield?

How come health plans don’t have open enrollment all year long?

Why did Barack let health insurance premiums get so out of control during his term?

Do you think if either parent has any past of having some mental or psychological disorder, their offspring can never purchase any gun?

my county has an option where they insure you with 0 premiums, 0 deductible and low copays but the downside is that you can only get attended in 2 hospitals, it takes FOREVER to be seen by a specialist, and you can't have another health insurance.

I’m a 48 year old single mom with a 17 yr old, 21, yr old and 19 yr old that live at home and go to school and college full time. I qualify for affordable health plan thru Obama care but my boss says if I get obama care then they will be penalized with a $3000 fine.

Healthcare coverage?

wants to be paid back for prescriptions they paid for, less than a month after the layoff. Can they do this? I was laid off. My health Ins.

My stepson has made it clear that he does not need or want his father, myself or his two brothers in his life. If he doesn't need any of us, then he shouldn't need my health insurance and I would like to remove him from my plan at open enrollment next week.

I have had a life insurance policy for about 30 years. If I surrender policy for cash value, is that amount taxed?

How can every country with universal health coverage for there people,be wrong?

I'd like to reapply for whichever one I'm currently not using so I can stay on my current insurance but am not sure where to look, thanks. I quit my job a little over a year ago and my Cobra insurance finishes up in February.

If you get on Medicaid do you have to pay anything for medical care? How does Medicaid expansion work?

He took me to court where he then lied and won the court case where I was forced to fork out $4000+ for compensation, legal fees and the repair of his already beaten up vehicle when he was the one at fault.

Who can I go to, to talk to someone?

Is it fair that we get peanalized at the end of the year if we don't have health insurance?

Can I get a worker's comp settlement for a current problem if I have health insurance now?

I have health insurance through my work do I need to sign up for Medicare as well?

How much do you pay for your health insurance per year?

If I get the insurance and it ends up being cancer, then I m screwed and the insurance won t cover any of it. My question is, looking at getting insurance is tricky as even if I apply for the open enrollment for government assisted insurance I won t be covered until the start of next year.

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