If you have a past due payment on your nationwide insurance, how long do have until they cancel your policy to pay it?

mbrcatz6 months ago

It depends on what state you live in, and what type of policy it is.
It can be anywhere from 10 to 45 days, so the range is HUGE. Note, this is from the DUE date, not the CANCELLATION date. Once the cancellation date is past, the policy is cancelled.

zu6 months ago

jkjkCupcake’s Princess6 months ago

None, really. If you have an incident resulting in a claim during the time period the premium wasn’t paid, the claim will be denied.

anonimitie6 months ago

It was cancelled at 12:01AM the day after payment was due. You are not insured if you did not pay the premium.
You can probably re-instate it fairly easily but, there is no, “grace period.”

justme6 months ago

Your insurance is likely void ( because of non payment ) so pay or don’t drive, if you choose to continual and something happens the insurance likely will say your on your own.

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