I’m 19 and I’m still covered under my father’s health insurance. I live with my boyfriend and I have a job that does not offer insurance, but my boyfriend has a really good job that offers Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance. I just recently found out I am expecting, I should be about 4 weeks counting from my last period. I haven’t seen a doctor yet, I would rather my dad not know for a little while and I don’t want him to get a bill out of no where from the OB/GYN. Am I allowed to be added to my boyfriends insurance without being married? Or if not what can I do? I’m not sure if my dad’s insurance would even cover me being pregnant. I can not afford to pay for all the medical bills myself working as a waitress, and even though my boyfriend has a good job there’s no way he would be able to afford it either. I don’t know what to do.


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You can either marry your boyfriend now or pay for prenatal care out of pocket until you work up the nerve to tell your father. I know that is a difficult bombshell to drop on a parent as I had to do that as a single female, too. Just call him, close your eyes and blurt it out and let the chips fall where they may. You might be surprised that after his initial shock and even disappointment, that he is thrilled to be a grandfather. Good luck.

Linda R

NO you can NOT. Until you and your boy friend get married – you can NOT be covered
on his health insurance. After the baby is born – then you can demand (for the baby only)
Sole Custody, Child Support, Visitation rights and health insurance for the baby.
For now…..you have to remain on your father’s health insurance coverage.

Barbara L

Unless you are legally married, you can’t get on your boyfriends insurance. You can be covered by your parent’s insurance until you are 26. So that is your answer. Rather you tell your dad now or later, he’s going to find out and probably not going to be surprised. So take care of the situation now and get the proper prenatal care.


Buy prenatal vitamins at the Walmart today, for the sake of your baby.
Consider marrying your bf and you will be having a legal connection and have the insurance for the new addition.
Consider working another job part time to supplement your income for a couple months if possible.
I think you have what it takes to be successful mother.


No. A person can only be on that person’s own insurance, that person’s husband’s or wife’s insurance, or that person’s parent’s insurance. No one can be on the person’s boyfriend’s or girlfriend’s insurance.


now you know why people get married. So tell us what you’re going to do if you have a tough childbirth or a premature baby and need more medical care?
Are you going to put your bf’s name on the birth certificate then immediately talk with an attorney to see if you can get child support? Are you going to immediately go on food stamps and welfare so your dad doesn’t have to take care of you? You made a mistake but your dad didn’t so why should he have to pay? Talk with an attorney. Nobody cares if your bf can afford it or not, he did the deed and now he’s responsible.

Doug Freyburger

Marry him and you can be added to his insurance on the spot. Your choice.

Lord Vader



You cannot be on his insurance because you are not married. Stay on Dad’s insurance for 7 years.

Casey Y

You aren’t married, so you cannot go on his plan…period.

A Hunch

Almost all state’s have done away with domestic partnership relationships since same sex couples can now marry.
Your best option is to purchase your own coverage. As a young adult, make sure you purchase a full plan not one that provides catastrophic coverage for young adults.


your b/f will have to find out if his insurance can be changed to cover you and frankly i doubt very much that it will if you are not married
you are covered by your father’s insurance as long as it is valid and if it covers maternity for a dependent his insurance should pay for it
you honestly cant think your dad would be at all surprised that you could be pregnant when he is fully aware you are living with the b/f–or do you think he has the misguided notion you are not sleeping together? wise up child, your dad is not naive

Prepper World Bob

MAYBE for 2016 if you have lived together EVERY DAY OF 2015 and his company covers domestic partners – since you are already pregnant, you need to stay on your parents plan – switch to his plan won;t cover you for the pregnancy since it would be a pre-existing condition

Girlie Electrics

Buy some folic acid supplements, and make an appointment for 13 weeks. There is no medical need to see a just yet.

Insurance Pickle.com

Open enrollment starts next week. Buy your own health insurance as your dad’s policy will NOT cover your pregnancy.


Your parents insurance won’t cover their grand child and most if not all don’t cover dependents having babies. If your boyfriend’s job covers domestic partners and if you qualify you might get covered but most make the employee pay for the family plan so it may cost him $1,000 a month to cover you and the child. If you are poor and pregnant you can get welfare like Medicaid for the child and WIC to help with food.
You can check your dad’s coverage but not likely to cover pregnancy.
You could consider marriage but it might lose you the welfare benefits but then your husband could cover you if they cover spouses.

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