So i got my first ticket the other day , not paying attention doing 87 in a 65 , but the car is not in my name , and i m not on his insurance policy , he started bitching to me about how im going to raise his insurance 300$ a year or more now , but from what i have read and heard , since im not on his policy a moving violation wont effect his insurance. He wont let me drive the car anymore because of this. I want to be sure that i am right and know what im talking about if i were to bring it up to him. cop said to plead not guilty and that they will most likely drop it to a parking violation ticket for just a fine. Please help me.

amy lynn

Do you live with the person who’s car you borrowed? If so, then you MUST be listed on his insurance policy. He could be facing penalties for not listing every driver in his home.
Next since you are not listed on anyone’s insurance, you could be facing fines and possible suspension of your license. Some states follow up any moving violiation with a request for proof of insurance. Since you are not insured on anyone’s policy, you don’t have any proof that you was insured the day you got the ticket.
Now, assuming none of the above happens and you are the luckiest person on the planet, the insurance policy of the person who’s car you was driving will not change since tickets follow the DRIVER and not the CAR. His insurance policy would not go up because of your ticket.


Only 2 ways you can drive a car thats not yours
1) with the owners permission
2) without it
if 2) then thats car theft
IF 1) then the owner will have equal responsibility with the driver if they are involved in any accidents and cause any injuries if the driver aint insured to drive that car
(and his insurance wont cover anything)
Who cares what you think,. HE would be mad to let you drive the car if you aint insured
(and as already said – pleading not guilty would be stupid
The police stopped you cos you were speeding, bet they have evidence of this
all they got to do is produce that evidence in court –
you think they gonna drop it to just a parking violation just cos you plead not guilty? – time for you to grow up)

Joel Gardberg

The owner is not liable for another driver getting a ticket in this case. Has nothing to do with his insurance.

LOL. Sure the cop said to plead not guilty of going 22+ over the speed limit and the judge will reduce it to a parking violation. My guess the $300 your dad is talking about is the cost of this ticket you will have to pay, plus 6 points to your license.
Either way, your dad was right to not allow you to drive anymore. If/when you get a car or are put on your dad’s insurance, this ticket will stay on your record for the next 3 years.


The cop was a jerk. It is not true. Their gadget will prove that you were speeding and it will not be dropped and the judge will not appreciate your lying about not speeding when you obviously were. They like to see remorse. Admit to not paying attention to the speed. Say you were busy paying more attention to the road and apologize but, don ‘t plead not guilty and look like an *ss.


if you are not on his policy to drive the car, unfortunately he will suffer the consequences of your misdeeds, his insurance does not cover you and if he had his insurance go up another $300 it will teach him to honor his policy and let no one drive it but himself
as a friend you should offer him something for your misdeeds


It’s quite possible the insurance company will run a report to make sure all household members ARE listed on the policy as drivers. If that happens, the insurance WILL find out about the ticket. Obviously, you’re NOT covered while driving his car, if you’re not listed on the policy.
Also, that moving violation is a major violation – 22+ mph over the speed limit. Normally that doesn’t get rates raised – that gets policies nonrenewed.
Cop gave you very bad advise – it will NOT be dropped to a parking ticket, no way, no how – not when you were going THAT fast.


It shouldn’t raise his insurance. Since he wasn’t driving.


SHouldn’t be a problem. The ticket is on you not the owner of the car.


He SHOULDN’T let you drive his car unless you’re listed as an additional driver on his policy. If he adds you to it, his premium will increase.
The ticket is your problem to deal with.

Dan H

No, your ticket isn’t going to raise his insurance rates, tell him to calm down and take a deep breath.
Your ticket would affect any insurance you might apply for in the next 2 to 3 years, though.


The price of insurance is based on all the drivers in the household, not just whom he would like to have on the insurance. He doesn’t get to decide whether or not you are on the insurance. All drivers in the household have to be on it. If the insurance company finds out that you are a driver and you’re not on the insurance already, then he will have to put you on the insurance, and pay both however much it would have gone up for that if you had not gotten the ticket and however much more it goes up because of the ticket.

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