I heard about them through a friend who is thinking about working for them, apparently you pay about 300 as an investment and then after that its like sales. where you sell insurance to people that dont have insurance, they pay 100 a month and get coverage for the whole family AND dog. granted their co pays are higher but it covers everybody! and the person who sold it to them (my friend) gets a cut from the main company for selling insurance to that person. plus a percentage everytime that person pays their monthly insurance
As a seller of the insurance, you must also have their insurance.
i was thinking of getting it as insurance since i have none, but is it legit?
it almost sounds too good to be true, and i was wondering if anyone else has heard of it or knows anything about it.
any help is much appreciated, thank you!


Check with the BBB or Chamber of Commerce or the business licensing agency in y our state

Insurance Pickle.com

If you’re paying money to them, you don’t work for them…you’re their customer.


Why not ask this person. They asked the exact same question in 2011; maybe they’ve been working for them all this time?


Probably not. The information you were given definitely isn’t.
First, any company that requires you to pay “as an investment” before you work for them is likely to be a scam. Second, insurance companies can’t charge every family the same price. Third, 100 a month is way to low for coverage for a whole family that doesn’t have insurance AND dog. (Home and car insurance prices are much higher for families that don’t have already insurance that for families that do; health insurance prices are much more than 100 a month for a family; coverage for a dog is different prices depending on the breed; it’s not a fixed cost for all dog breeds.)
Co pays are a health insurance term, but health insurance costs much more than 100 a month for a family, and cannot include a coverage for a dog.
As a seller of the insurance, you should not need to have their insurance.

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