What if you get in an accident same day you buy your insurance policy, will the insurance cover it?


The coverage period is set by the insurance policy. If the accident is within that period, it’s covered.


The accident is covered if you bought the insurance before the accident. It does not matter if it is the same day. You are covered immediately after you pay.

Beverly S

They will check the time on police report, with the time you paid premium. If accident happened before payment they will not cover.

Casey Y

Since it will be easy enough to see when the accident happened and assuming you were able to purchase coverage for the same day, you tell me.


Check the effective date and time for the policy.

Howard L

No. Insurance takes effect on midnight of the following day, not the instant you buy it.


Depends on what time the accident was, and what time you bought your insurance.
Even if the police were at the scene during the accident, to verify the time was AFTER you bought the policy, be prepared to have the case red-flagged for fraud. They will investigate HEAVILY, to make sure you aren’t committing fraud.

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