What does it mean when it says Your Total Per Pay Period Cost:$67.62 and Per Pay Period Employer Cost:$210.40.?

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Your part is $67.62. Your employer pays the rest.

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67.62. It’s kinda right there in your question: “Your Total Per Pay Period Cost:$67.62.” <– see

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Just a suggestion. Why not ask your payroll dept.


Asking this without enough context is lame. It looks like you are talking about health insurance and the company took $67.62 out of your paycheck (you paid) and THEY paid $210.40 as a benefit. I’m sure they are also taking federal withholding and employment taxes out, but again, you failed to provide any data.


Say you get paid bi-weekly (every 2 weeks) then they deduct $67.62 from your paycheck on each check, which means you are paying $145.24 per month for health insurance.
Your employer pays $210.40 either every paycheck or monthly. So the cost of your health insurance is either $345.64 if 1 payment from employer a month or $566.04 a month, if employer pays $210.40 on each paycheck.
Bet you are surprised how much your health insurance costs?

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