I logged into my Geico App and it said that my policy will be canceled at such and such date. I called and they said its because i didn’t return a new policy questionnaire, which i was never aware of. My question is what is this questionnaire about? I have to go home and look for this mail. Is this normal for them to send New Policy Questionnaires? Said that they wont send me another questionnaire. Thanks


There’s no way for us to know if this is a car insurance policy, or a house insurance policy – so we can’t even begin to tell you what questions might be on it. Yes, this is normal. You will have to dig up the application from where ever you put it – or start shopping for new insurance.


Yes it is normal. What they ask depends on what type of policy you have.


Ask to talk with someone like a manager since this is NOT the way they usually do business. If you’ve had insurance with them for a long time then they will just send you another questionnaire. If you’re a new member then sure get on their case to send you another one.

Casey Y

You received far more paperwork than just the questionnaire. You also received a notice of intent to cancel and a cancellation form too.
Find another carrier ASAP.

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