Your husband’s plan is primary. You should be off your dad’s policy now.


Spouse over-rides parents on marriage.

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Since you now live with your husband, I would guess that his ins. is your primary. If you weren’t married, your father still may be.

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Drop one. Problem solved. You get to avoid the hassle of going back and forth between the two companies. And, even if you’re not wasting your dad or your husband’s money, you’re still wasting someone’s money. So, it might be a win-win scenario.


You should now be removed from your father’s plan. Your husband’s plan should be the only one you’re on. There’s no reason to stay on your father’s plan, unless it’s superior in some way to your husband’s, in which case you should not be on your husband’s plan. He doesn’t HAVE to add you.

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Your husband’s.
If it has been less than 30 days since you were added to your husband’s, your father can remove you from his plan. If you are the only child covered this may make sense. If there are other siblings covered, there is no probably no cost savings to remove you. And could be helpful if you had a very large emergency.

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