I am 19 going on 20, and I didn't see the notices in the mail about my plan expiring a few months ago (CareSource, in Ohio), so I'm pretty sure I don't have medical coverage anymore.

;Since I no longer average 30+ hours every week (although, seasonally, during the Summer I still do), does my employer have the option of dropping my existing coverage?

Does a small baby need insurance? Can a small baby get insurance?

I don't have a job now, but i don't know if i'll get a job when i'm 21, should medicaid still cover me if i was 21 and i have no job? But here's the issue: since i'm 18( almost 19 in 2 weeks), what do i do until i'm 21, get my own medicaid insurance since i don't work?

Does health insurance cover birth control?

What type of healthcare insurance is cheapest on the company's part if they want to offer it to independent contractors?

A few years ago I suffered a massive stroke, which easily cost my health insurance nearly a million dollars in medical bills. However, I wonder what would happen to someone if they had the same thing occur, having only medicare coverage.

What can I expect to pay for a Medicare supplemental insurance policy. ?

I want health insurance for my family(includes parents and my sister) which would be the best and why?

Why is it important to have a job that offers benefits (health insurance)?

;I told them sign me up for anything that covers up until 2015 I don't care how much I have to pay monthly for it, but they just say this year is closed.

The rest is SS, bank interest, annuity, etc which totals to about $40K a year for the two of us. Someone said we can still get some kind of rebate or subsidy on our medicare advantage health plan.

We are frustrated as our policy through the exchange was cancelled and now we have no new cards and they want to instate a new policy. ;We already stopped by the insurance exchange and was told we were getting a break due to our income as retirees.

Why does medicaid need proof of income of all household member?

(unable to contact him);Anyone have an idea how to get this (or was this guy, "full of it")? a month for health insurance to suffice our IRS penalties.

IF I am a single person making $23,000 per year how much will it cost per month for me to have medical insurance under Obamacare?

I told them I have no idea, I gave them all my information and I was able to get it. I applied for insurance when I was not working and updated my information, including my income when I started working.

Why did Obamacare take away my meds?

The original person i spoke with on the phone had mentioned something about wellness plan of america, but he said that Multiplan was what i would tell my doctors office i was insured under.

This health insurance plan covers only part of your medical bills after a deductible has been met?

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