Im a policy owner of a life insurance, if i passed away and wanted it to transfer to my sister, can i use either a Living Trust or Last Will?

If I apply to be a suicide bomber for ISIS, would that at all affect my life insurance plan?

I know that my dad had a life insurance policy and had all 4 kids as the beneficiary. How do I found out about the policy?

If someone is the sole beneficiary of a life insurance policy, do they have to share it if a will states it or is the money theirs?

Where can I get life insurance fo someone who is 85?

Why have insurance thru United of Omaha if they don't pay cancer claims, after reading their reviews?

With term life insurance, when it expires, do you renew it or do you have to start a whole new policy? Will your premium change?

If heir to deceased person appears and whats beneficiary of life inurance to sign some paper work, does she inherit life policies?

How can I find who my deceased fathers life insurance policy is with?

Can beneficiary claim the policy if the insured person is missing or disappeared for several years?

But over the last 2 years especially since I turned 30 at the beginning of this year, it's been non stop crap 4 or 5 things in the mail everyday. But when my older sibling turned 18 at the beginning of her senior year (2001/2002), those checks were mailed in her name and not mom until she graduated.

Does anyone know how difficult/easy it would be to be a life insurance salesman? Pros Cons?

Does my sister have the right to take all my dads life insurancem money?

If a Life Insurance Agency paid out to much money to a beneficiary they already cashed the check. Would the beneficiary have to pay it back?

Why should I care about my funeral? It will pay for my funeral or something? What if I don't want a funeral? Why is life insurance important?

Why do life and health insurance company's raise premiums more on people with mental conditions when they are physically healthy?

Can I take out a life insurance policy and leave a school as the beneficiary?

My mother had got it for me an paid on it till she died n 08'? Do i still have life insurance if i haven't paid on it?

On s policy of term life insurance, does it pay only upon death, and not through a life time?


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