Anybody knows an insurance company which offres affordable car insurance without asking about credit score?

My wife submitted a claim for 1500 dollars for a new prosthetic limb which i already paid the co-pay. has it been approved?

I'm starting to document the personal property we own in case we need to file a insurance claim for a total loss. What should I be recording to document the everyday items we own, furniture, family heirlooms, etc.

I need to know how long I would be eligible for cobra insurance from my employer?

The insurance company say I can't make a claim as it wasn't "accidental damage", as in I didn't knock it off the wall. A large resin wall hanging ornament fell off the wall and smashed various items on mantelpiece.

Due to the divorce they cannot pay my father but they want to split the funds between my mothers contingent and my fathers contingent. Life insurance company claims that because of the divorce they will have to pay the funds to the contingent beneficiary.

I just wanted to know if there was a special term or if the thing even existed so I could search for it but no one would even give me that. "Most of the answers are: talk to your insurance agent, shop online, or you haven't provided any details about yourself so we can't answer you.

People get murdered all the time for life insurance money! Why is life insurance necessary? ?

I need to file a claim on a life ins. Who do I call. polocy. ?

I am just wondering if I need to call and let them know I got married, but that I will be staying on the plan as usual, will they be notified automatically?

Do I need to pay full cash visiting a clinic/doctor?

You see I’m looking for a affordable cheap Heath insurance to help me with my doctor visits but most big health insurance companies cost soo much a monthDoes anybody know what is the cheapest affordable helath insurance BUT yet good :(Also does any type of health insurance work for any doctors?

Medical Insurance question?

I checked the claim on my insurance profile and my insurance did pay the imaging center the full price due and the claim said "you pay $50" so shouldn't i be receiving a refund check of the $450.

Life insurance issued me a policy i didnt agree to?

Why my medical insurance is coming up inactive?

My son's health insurance was dropped with no notice?

I need to go to the doctor, is their any health coverage i can get now? Im pregnant and i dont have any health insurance what do I do?

And I also plan on having 2 children in the next 10 yrs (which btw my insurance covers 15 days after birth at $20000 per child until age 25)Now my agent tells me I can get $25000 of the $650000 in Whole life for $5 extra bucks a month.

Advice on insurance?

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Advice on insurance?

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