If your home is NOT in a flood zone, & a hurricane causes flood damage, can you file a claim w/ reg homeowners or is flood ins req d?

Is this going to be a stressful time for insurance companies in the Houston area?

Do anyone has been asked by your home insurance , to remove your trampoline from your home?

We have AAA membership and want a quote on homeowners insurance for a condo in Bellair, Florida?

Homeowners insurance on same home one in Montana the other in N. Texas difference in cost?

So get this I have homeowners insurance and they just sent this letter saying I was credited $124 and changes were made. I called up my agent and he said they ran my credit and lowered it.

I have read my policy and it specifically states if it is in a wall, ceiling or floor where the insured could not have seen it then it should be an exception.

We have since been working with an agent that has said they are putting us in a program where our insurance will not lapse. Our homeowners insurance policy was cancelled because they sent a letter with conditions to our old address.

Are homeowners responsible for damage caused to another persons property when their trampoline flies out of their property?

I would attempt to seek legal advice except that I'm already going through a litigation over the will my parents had that my sibling doesn't think is fair so she's taken it to court.

The house is the only thing in the special needs trust. , who is responsible for paying homeowners insurance and property taxes?

Can i add my son and daughter in law to my insurance policy if they are living abroad?

Is a pre existing conditions like having a tree fall on your house without homeowners insurance and demanding years later insurance cover ?

We've never had an agent request to meet in person before, let alone come to our home and so we're a little skeptical as to why this is necessary. I'm applying for homeowners insurance and my insurance agent wants to come to our house to meet and finalize policy details.

Why do you need to pay a deductible for car insurance, if your paying a monthly bill?

Can you parchase temporary home insurance?

Car insurance+home insurance?

Will filing a claim on my current home, negatively impact my premiums on my future home? Both said I had significant hail damage and instead of paying out of pocket, to claim in on my insurance.

I own a slightly run down house and recently received a letter that my homeowners insurance policy will not be renewed due to that company pulling out of my State.

His mother wants us to give him another 1500 for medical bills because a lawyer told them they can't get anymore money out of the house insurance and to talk to the homeowners.

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