Gun Owners in Texas: USCCA or Texas Law Shield? Which do you have?

What type of insurance must a bar carry to protect itself from lawsuits?

My son lost his insurance with the company he now works for part time. He is 49 and makes about $29,000. Is he eligible for Medicaid?

I can still use the funds in my HSA but each month the manager (Wageworks) charges 6 dollars in fees that had previously been paid by the employer. I know I can’t get to the money without using it for medical expenses but can I transfer it to another manager?

Does $366 per month for health insurance for a single person sound reasonable to you?

The contractor said "It doesn't matter you have it or not, if it's required by the city then they have to cover" Now what? I have a roof claim and they say i don't have a building code coverage.

Medical insurance deductible question ?

How does car insurance works?

I'm currently a freshmen in college, and my family asked me if I want to help pay $75 for my dad's life insurance and $40 for myself in the future. Should I help my family pay for the life insurance and should I do one for myself?

I dropped my iphone x and broke the BACK glass. Does anyone know if the insurance will cover it? I have phone insurance with Gadget cover.

The previous 2 years I didn t have to pay anything but this year, without telling me beforehand, my doctor s office sent my bloodwork to a different laboratory which is "out of network" so insurance wouldn t cover it and I got a $300+ bill from the laboratory.

But i heard from a friend that if you go to urgent care and pay the 50 or 70 dollar co-pay (i don t actually know what I m talking about, just reiterating what i was told) they will check me out and help me get my insurance figured out.

Your policy documents are in the mail?

Having been a customer of Elephant Automobile Insurance Co since 2017, my policy is expiring in February of 2019. 00 for a 12-month term policy for my 2003 Chevy Blazer in Amarillo, Texas?

We are paying an outrageous premium and at our ages should we lose our home, we don't need as much as we are covered for. I have noticed our personal property amount is almost as much as the coverage for our home and we don't need that much.

Do i still qualify for medi-cal Insurance if i live with my mom?

Do i still qualify for medi-cal Insurance if i live with my mom?

put my name on the check that pays my medical bills, but will not pay a home contractor directly ? Why wont insurance co.

Does everyone have the same insurance company for Original Medicare part a and b? Not an Advantage or supplemental plan , original medicare?

Also, I understand couples can theoretically each get their own insurance if they are both working; the scenario at hand is if one spouse is not working.

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