If I refuse to pay this I will be Arrested for tax evasion and if I resist arrest I will be gunned down. Every check I receive there is a deduction that goes to lazy Boomer Trump supporters on social security and Medicare.

It's nice that President IDIOT could say something positive to the people of Virginia Beach, kind of shocking he wasn't insulting huh?

Does Cobra keep the same benefits as regular health insurance?

The doctors assigned to me both refuse to acknowledge or treat the issue which has forced me to see consult at Ceder Sinai. Can I negotiate for them to assist seeing out of network providers to handle this one thing?

ok so in a woman and her family get a health insurance policy and was told all the rules and one of them is they dont cover pregnant woman well a few yrs later she pregnant she reports it to the insurance they then tell her they dont cover her and kicks off the policy mean while getting a chargeback because of this so my ?

If you have 2 insurance policies and your house burns down can you collect twice for it?

in a nutshell:involved in accidentsons and wife injuredour healthcare paid everything less the co-pay sdemand letters sent including ENTIRE amount billed by health providersquestion:after I receive my settlement check do they just pay the outstanding co-pay balance and I keep the rest?

How do i find out if i have medical insurance?

I broke my arm can i go get health insurance real quick so won’t have to pay the bill?

my rental property was damaged by fire and then city decided to demolish the building, building was demolished and building was insured for $70,000, now city is asking for $55,000 for the demo.

I wen to the hospital and insurance sent out a letter saying what they covered and what I'm supposed to pay but I'm not sure exactly how I am supposed to pay it.

I cancelled health insurance with my employer due to a life event. My employer has been deducting health and dental premiums. Help! ?

Youwill be required to designate a beneficiary for benefits in the event of your death, and it is yourresponsibility to keep this record up to date.

Do you pay a big bill if your child has Medicaid. ?

Where do I get health insurance if I m unemployed, and over 26 years old?

I got a letter about something called fast track or something saying I had to make my contribution before it would technically be official or whatever.

What should I do?

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Outside of one phone call I had with my insurance I haven’t heard or received anything from anyone about paying anything. I checked my Health insurance earlier and it’s saying I still owe $520 for ambulance and hospital bills.

I am receiving Social Security benefits because my father is retired. I will graduate at the end of May. Will I get a check in June?

Why am I finding my questions MOVED into the wrong catagory?

I’m currently a full time student, working part-time for the university that I attend and I’m filling my own taxes,(still living at home with my parents) the university doesn’t have a health plan that I can sign up for, what will be my options if I need health insurance but won’t be able to afford it because I don’t make much of an income.

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