Should I add myself to my mom's auto insurance policy or buy my own?

Well, when I called to change my address , they told me my plan would be going for 47$ to 280$ a month. I'm waiting until open enrollment but I need to know who to talk to.

CONS: if you care so deeply about unborn babies, then why are you okay with pregnancy being considered a "pre existing" condition. . . ?

Health insurance can I skip my last month since they are dropping me anyway?

After reaching my annual maximum, does the dentist still need to abide by the fee schedule they have with the dental insurance?

Can my dental office charge me more then the contracted fee if I use a secondary “out of network” insurance for “coordination of benefits”?

Medicare for all, question what happens to people employed in the healthcare insurance industry when we go to Medicare For All?

How can you get off your parents health insurance without letting them know?

In nys is my job required to let me enroll in health insurance outside of Open enrollment bc of a pregnancy (life changing event)?

What dental insurance can be used with any dentist?

Again, there are no financial ties and if he died today or tomorrow she most likely would not give a dime toward his funeral or share with his children and the people he is actually financially responsible for.

I need my policy number?

I only have liability insurance will that cover it or am I going to have to pay out of pocket & also what’s an estimate of how long and how much it’s going to take to repair?

Staff on 16 hrs who pays national insurance?

The invoice for clean up and tear down (which is apparently justified) is $15,000 and was sent to the insurance company for a kitchen flood immediately after the work was performed.

I refused to transport walking carers as I wouldn t be covered by my insurance policy (my insurance company has confirmed this) My employer is arguing that I am covered under their insurance.

It was a well known restoration company, they had to remove kitchen kitchen cabinets, take down part of my dry walls in four rooms, move furniture, -- and billed my insurance company directly.

Where Can I get cheap life insurance that covers critical illness?

The coverage starts Nov 1, and by having the coverage i avoid the Tax penalties for not having qualified medical insurance. Long story short, its a part time job but i meet the criteria/Hours for health coverage as required by The Affordable Care Act.

I have lived in CA my whole life. I don't want to be in CA anymore. I need a job with health insurance. Where the f*** should I move to? HELP?

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